Time is running out and the election for governor of Wisconsin is just a couple weeks away (Nov. 2nd). So it’s likely you’d see the two candidates (Walker & Barrett) out at as many public events as possible. One of my sources attended the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football game Saturday in Madison. He saw Barrett afterwards doing his best to win votes by introducing himself to the throng of fans pouring into the streets celebrating the victory.

My source watched Barrett for several minutes before speaking with him. The following is some of what I was told he witnessed.

My man and I were walking back towards the stadium after spending time on Regent and Monroe Street. As we neared Camp Randall, I heard a few people say something about Tom Barrett being here. That’s when I noticed a man holding a sign with two hands above his head with Tom Barrett’s name on it.

So we paused for a moment… that’s when my man said Barrett is over there too with the dude with the sign. I started to laugh because it was this guy holding a sign and Tom Barrett standing on the sidewalk attempting to stop people to introduce himself. I couldn’t stop laughing because the scene looked so bizarre… here I was watching a man who could be the next governor standing in a dimly lit area of the sidewalk hustling for votes.

I asked my man what he thought it looked like to him. We both agreed that this was the move of someone desperate and behind in the race. I mean, it was just Barrett and some dude holding a sign. Hasn’t he raised millions of dollars? Where was the entourage, the lights, the cameras and excitement???

We both went over to Barrett to say hello and he looked very tired. He mentioned he was in Racine earlier and that he was going to the Packers game the next day.

I give Barrett some credit for hustlin’, but the image looked terribly desperate on his end.

So tell my what you think about this account of Barrett hitting the streets after the Badgers football game. Was it a good move or a sign of a man that is desperate and behind in the race?