Anti-Obama billboard in Colorado, blasted by GOP and Democrats, taken down amid death threats

Anti-Obama billboard in Colorado

Not enough racism, homophobia and plain old Muslim hatin’ for you this political season?  If not, then we’ve got the billboard for you.  Somebody just put one up in Colorado – a paid ad, mind you – which depicts President Barack Obama as a terrorist, a gangster, a Mexican bandit and a gay man.


And we thought he was just bi-racial.

Makes you long for the day when all we had to worry about were the witches and the bearded Marxists.  The sponsors of the billboard won’t man up to saying they paid for it, but it’s a free country so let it stand.  Just don’t complain when someone wants to build a “victory mosque” on your block.

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My findings:

The artist, Paul Snover, who was paid $500 for the artwork, also received hate mail and threats. He hopes it will travel to other cities after the November midterm elections.

On the billboard, four cartoonish Obamas are playing poker, surrounded by rats with words written on them such as Trial Lawyer and IRS. Two vultures are depicted bearing tags that say Soros and U.N.

Across the top is written “Vote DemocRAT, Join the game.”

The reviews  in Grand Junction after the sign was taken down were mixed.

“Lighten up people. Have a sense of humor…Political correctness is a suppression of free speech” one man told NBC 11 News of Boulder CO.

Others felt the billboard was disrespectful.

This is the type of hate we need to see so that people are reminded that just because we have a  black president does not mean that racism has gone away nor rotten people. If you think these people are all tea drinker, think again, This hate can be found in both parties. Whether you support this president or not, this is unacceptable no matter what. They may have the 1st amendment to protect them, but just the fact that people thought this was okay says we have a long way to go.  The one good thing in all this is that their racism is not hidden away, keep it public, and keep reminding us we are not welcome to your stolen land! Young folks, take note!