10th District Residents,

After reading your emails and comments on The Drum, I’ve decided to ask you all to contact Supervisor Coggs and ask her if she’s interested in debating Ieshuh Giffin. Many of you have stated enthusiastically your desire for such an event. Our efforts to contact Ms. Coggs over the past few days have born no fruit.

IMO, most are not yet taking The Drum seriously. They believe we are just a nothing website… YOU are proving them wrong! The Drum has always been and will remain YOURS to share a message which is unbridled to this community. The genius behind what EACH OF YOU bring to The Drum is your uncompromising, focused and insatiable quest for truth resulting in action. It is time for YOU to stand up and show those who belittle YOU (and The Drum) as nothing more than a fly on an elephant’s ass.

It’s up to you now. If you REALLY WANT something to happen, email her and call her at the following contact information…

elizabeth.coggs@milwcnty.comelizabethcoggs4state@yahoo.com & 414-278-4222. You can also get at her on Facebook here.

Power & Strength.

G –