We must treat the November elections with the same high level of importance as we did when we knew we were making history.

Voting 101

For those who will be voting in this election here are some helpful links and information you can use or pass along. We cannot just show up at the polls because there is a black person on the ballot. If you look carefully, our governor, senators, and other local elected officials have a more direct and tangible effect on your quality of life more so than at the federal level on certain issues. We must treat the November elections with the same high level of importance as we did when we knew we were making history.

Some people said in the last election, the ballot was confusing. As a regular voter, I can agree it was not easy to follow. However armed with sample ballots and basic questions that are accessible to you 24/7, you can go to the polls confidently knowledgeable about the process you are about to undergo. Looking at the November ballot, this one will not be as confusing, none-the-less, it is good to be as prepared as possible so your vote counts and you do not feel frustrated when you get to the polls.

I hope this little Voters Guide will help you to be prepared and please educate others, give rides, show up!!! We need to make our voice felt, no matter who you vote for. We cannot make mountains move if we are invisible. Keep the momentum moving forward by showing up to vote Tuesday November 2, 2010 from 7 am to 8 pm.

Let’s start with this…

Who are my representatives?

You can find them on the city’s website by simply clicking on the link, entering your address, and your representatives will be listed.


If you are like me and live in newly developed housing, you may not see your reps. You can call or visit the Milwaukee Election Commission:

City Hall Room 501

200 East Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI  53202 (414) 286-3491


Sample Ballots

Look up your voter record to check your voter status and to check the polling place location, voting history, absentee ballot status and sample ballot (for a recent or upcoming election)lots

State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access


and finally Voting in Wisconsin FAQ’s

Any question you may have most likely be found here


Where to vote and anything City of Milwaukee Related:


 See you at the polls!

Peace Family!