This letter of thanks was sent to us from Ieshuh Griffin.

G –

Dear Milwaukee Drum Readers and my 8% of the vote supporters.

First of all, that first line is really meant to be funny. What is not laughable though is what I have learned. I want to thank and acknowledge all those who supported me within and around the 10th district, within the city, county, State as well as around the nation. I have repeatedly received calls asking me if I am okay. One thing everyone should know if I ever have shed a tear, it was not tonight. I am the only candidate on that ballot that ran that race, face to face with the people and did it with out accepting a dime.

What I want to know, and what the people need to know, is who is really pulling these strings??!!! I was informed as I made personal contact with the residents of the 10th district of election fraud on behalf of my opponent that was reported to the Milwaukee County District Attorney Office and the election commission, yet my opponent was allowed to remain on the ballot and the poll worker who reported it believes she will not be able to work that site again because she reported it.

I was told by a concerned older Caucasian American, respectfully speaking, poll worker that my opponent during the primary was actually at the voting sites encouraging others to vote for her and was comfortable doing so. The poll worker stated to other poll workers “She’s not supposed to be doing that right?” She stated to me that she reported it to the election board as well as the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, and both did nothing.

The poll worker is no longer at that site. She stated that she knew they saw to it that she never work that site again. Remember, this is Milwaukee. This is the same District Attorney Office that elected to prosecute a rape and domestic violence victim. Let’s face it Milwaukee is #1 for injustice on a national scale. The practice of corruption is a hobby to the local government officials in this city. Let’s also point out the fact that my opponent does not live in the 10th district and not one time did she even attempt to make a statement as to what she would do for and with the district. She would not debate me and remained off the scene when requests were made to interview her.

The Milwaukee Brainstorming would not even air the whole forum in which I spoke about the scams, scandals, and theft of the people’s money in which my opponent was in. The election is behind me, yet I may ask for a John Doe investigation and cc the letter publically to the people as it relates to the poll worker reporting election fraud on my opponent and nothing happened, other than the poll worker left wondering as well. See, I am used to the administration of injustice so I am not shocked or surprised at the results. I intend to keep running a race for justice equality and government accountability.

Despite the strings that are repeatedly pulled behind the scenes, I am not going anywhere. I will say again, what I have said before do not believe the hype. My opponent was too comfortable and complacent in this election and there are many people who have shared a number of stories with me as it relates to what really goes on with my opponent and a number of people she is affiliated with, and although I will not go into those stories, I will definitely be adamant as it relates to what I was told by a poll worker.

I thank all those that support me, and continue to do so. This was one race, there will be more. I’m not at all saddened for myself, but for what others may not be aware of.

In conclusion, I want to personally say thank you to all the residents whom I have spoken with in person, on the phones, and in the streets. No matter what and through it all I will always be me. To those who may dislike me for that, I state that I rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not.

With that being said, I have ran this race to the best of my ability and I’m still ready to run some more.