One thing we need to work on, more black representation. We need more voices that represent us coming from both sides of the aisle. Let’s welcome them into the national debate without calling them Uncle Toms or sellouts.


What Did We Learn Last Night

Wonder Woman Wednesdays ~ What Did We Learn Last Night


1.    Barrett is not going to give up his mayorship

You can tell how he looked into the camera and specifically spoke to black Milwaukee about the fact that jobs, poverty, and crime are now on his radar. Watch out Mayor Hines, he is not going without a fight. You would be best to remind everyone of your accomplishments and how you single-handedly saved this city and this mayor!

Will all the white people love and support Willie and embrace him? Will blacks stand with this man or deliver for Barrett? Will people start to point out all the mistakes this mayor has made and hold him accountable for anything? What black elected will sell Hines out and stand with Barrett? This is the interesting race to watch. If Milwaukee was not already segregated, it will be after these two come to blows! Mark my words!

Hines & Barrett

2.    Coggs/La Follette/Baldwin

For Coggs and La Follette the family name means they are accountable to no one sadly. These people are teflon, outright thieves and no one seems to think it much to ask for them to payback their stealings or do any significant work. Sorry Ieshuh, really I am. I was hoping to be at her victory party!

Baldwin, well her domestic partner is getting taxpayer travel expenses and benefits that married spouses don’t get. She has made her position a fool’s goldmine and yet there she is back to see another day!

3. Black Apathy

There is no acceptable reason blacks should still be voting in such small numbers. No excuses! We have rides, we got the president, we got voter education, absentee ballots, and media but still few voters. Are we just that apathetic or are we defeated? Many people are feeling left out of the process. Whether it is confusing ballots or an “uncool” thing to do, youth are not feeling engaged since 2008 (seeing the job market who can blame them), the 20 & 30 something’s don’t care and were does that leave us? Without a voice!

4. Walker Johnson Feingold

Both ran very solid campaigns, Johnson even more so because he was without name recognition prior to his campaign. He showed that unaccountable Health Reform with pork is not going to be a legacy builder for this president.

Walker created a very well-crafted ground campaign, using factual evidence and actually running on what people said they wanted for Wisconsin; government accountability and JOBS!! He put together a good manifesto that Barrett could only attack based on its font size and he never recovered.

Feingold went DC and never recovered. He always looked uncomfortable here and seemed to be looking down his nose at us Packer folk!

5. Voters Remember!

Voters did not forgive and forget bank and auto bailouts, leaving us in the dust with small stimulus checks that did little for bailing US out. Campaign promises of government transparency and no pork were blatantly ignored and helped Repubs mount an attack based on the promises alone. The Obama lies are what killed the Dems in the end. Who could stand on a record as shady as the state he hails from, well known for its corruption. Obama promised hope and change; the audacity indeed! He changed nothing politically! He did not rise to the standard he set for clean and honest government. He let Nancy Pelosi run the country and let his family enjoy the spoils of our riches. Kind of hard to talk about the wealthiest 1% Republican, white old men; while Michelle is in Spain and you are playing golf while we are jobless, losing our homes and starving!

Did the Republicans learn anything? Judging from how they treated some of the tea party favs and their past, um… NOT REALLY. But I can certainly hope Scott Walker whose relationship with the Republican Party is not all that good and those like him will lead us back away from an extreme right agenda and into a more prosperous new land. Johnson seems like a new compassionate conservative, always needed and finally no more stuck up, corrupt Nancy Pelosi. Good riddance to the new queen of mean. How did she even become a Democrat?

In 2 years time we will see the change. Wonder Woman is always the optimist!  I am hoping people change and start to embrace 3rd parties for good and for bad. Tea, kool-aide, rent-too-high, white man’s “B”, all of them were needed and hope to see them flourish. They gave this country some more options and people felt they had a place to group.

One thing we need to work on, more black representation. We need more voices that represent us coming from both sides of the aisle. Let’s welcome them into the national debate without calling them Uncle Toms or sellouts.

Peace Family!