The next governor of Wisconsin is… Scott Walker. For those who didn’t vote for him, get over it. Barrett was a weak a** candidate in a year when Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party supporters and even Independents were voting against any Donkey running for public office. Enough about Barrett, his campaign was as inspiring as fish wrap (more to say later).

Let’s talk about Walker and give him his props. He has been running for governor for (some say) six years and he achieved his goal. Those opposed to Walker pointed to the flaws in his record, his lack of having a college degree, his spotty record on job creation and his support for low (no) taxes as reasons he wouldn’t make a good governor.

Walker can (and will) tell those opponents to kiss his a** and fall in line. He worked harder and earned more votes in the election and now it’s his turn.

Good luck.

G –

p.s. Who is this brother in this photo? I believe he must be part of his staff and if so, I’d like to know in what capacity. If anyone can provide that information to me I’d appreciate it.