I’m back to referring to Willie Hines Jr. as Ald. Hines because Mayor Tom Barrett let the city know today that he’ll run again in 2012. I’ve been saying for months that Hines should have publicly announced his intention to run for mayor to get the jump on Barrett. Everyone knew Barrett was a horse headed to the glue factory in this gubernatorial race.

However, I’m not on Hines’ payroll and someone is running this quiet campaign much like the alderman’s personality… passive, soft-spoken, non-aggressive, too silent. This is politics at its highest stake isn’t it? Hines had the city in his hands and he dropped the ball.

So Barrett is quoted in the JS as having a ‘”renewed enthusiasm” for city hall. Now he’ll (finally) work hard at being mayor the next year because his record was exposed during his failed campaign. Everyone on the street knows Barrett is a political lifer and will remain in public office as long as he can. Hines blew it and now is still waiting to announce publicly and I ask why?

It makes you wonder how much Hines really wants to be mayor or if he thinks it’ll be easy to walk into that office. He bet on Barrett to win the governor’s race when he should have been betting on himself. Now all of Barrett’s people will be working to repair his political image and do whatever it takes to keep him in office.

Hines will now face a desperate 2-term mayor that will do whatever it takes to defeat Hines. If I were him, I’d get rid of whomever is (mis) guiding his  political campaign.

Barrett’s move today basically sent Hines back to the bench and told him he isn’t ready for the varsity team while Tom’s in town.