Greeting All,

I am the President of the Minority Media Association at UW-Milwaukee. On Friday, November 19 at 6:30 pm, we will be hosting a public discussion on the recent termination of Juan Williams.

UPDATE: Senator Lena Taylor and Earl Ingram of 1290AM are now confirmed panelists.

Right now, the only confirmed panelist is Mr. Troy Shaw of Diversity TV.

I sent an e-mail to James T. Harris to join us, I hope he will be willing to. We will also have members of the Muslim Student Association on the panel.

I have also reached out to Juan Williams and asked him to join us, and if he cannot join us live, I am hoping he will join us via Skype.

I am hoping this will be a healthy, honest, and lively discussion, but once again, I am having difficulties finding people to come on board and speak their minds. People always talk behind closed doors, but nobody wants to share their opinion on things taking place in the country they live, work, and pay taxes in in a public setting. This will be an unbiased discussion, I will not turn you away for chastise you if you are for or against Mr. Williams’ termination.

If anyone is interested in being in a panelist either for or against Juan Williams’ termination, PLEASE e-mail me at

Thank You,

Shakara Robinson
President, Minority Media Association
Pathervision Reporter and Photojournalist