Life after ObamaPosted on November 7, 2010 by tnanceable

Day five of  Life after Obama.  Excuse me, you say Obama is still in office.  It seems like some of us are really excited with the outcome of this years mid-term elections, about 53% if I’m not mistaken.  On the other hand 45% of  us are really down in the dumps and 2% are still undecided.  Is not this the mood after  all hard-fought elections?  So why the the long faces, the loud debates, and the slumped shoulders?  It is said that we get the government we deserve.  In reality, we may be getting  the government that knows our sensibilities, our hopes and our fears and knows how to manipulate them.  We know elections have become million dollar undertakings.  We also know that facts do not necessarily make the best campaign slogans.   The average voter votes for a candidate for reasons other than their stance on issues.  So are we in fact getting the government that knows that enough of us can be delivered to any candidate, regardless of platform, if the price is right. 

Ok, your guy or gal didnt win.  I submit that you turn to your number one source of happiness, contentment and security, yourself.  Yes, little ole’ you.  You decide whether you are going to drop that five pounds to get into that little black dress for the upcoming holiday season.  It is you who says,  ”Im going back to school since I am out of work?”   Maybe you start your own business;  Everyone says you can “do some hair.”  The point is you are the person in charge of your life.  Not the politician, the minister or the reality t.v. star.  Get up,  turn off the t.v., walk away from the computer and go make yourself happy.  The world could use more happy people.