With the Republican wave of victories in Wisconsin, Wisconsinites have acknowledged that they were on a sinking ship with an incompetent if not corrupt captain and crew. Now for the hard work of plugging the leaks and righting the ship before the state can even begin to set a course towards fiscal soundness and economic prosperity. Republican lawmakers and its chief executive must keep to the task that the voters have entrusted them with but that does not relieve the citizenry from keeping them accountable lest the hard work that has been expended thus far go for naught.

In keeping with a twelve step plan we most importantly acknowledged the problem which is the first step to any recovery and kicked the bums out.
Second, we have to stop the spending
Third, cut out the fat across the board, defund unnecessary programs, agencies & organizations (eg. planned parenthood) and eliminate inefficiencies in all budgets
Fourth, stop punishing growth and investment on business by removing unnecessary regulation, lowering payroll and corporate income taxes and jettison the combined reporting rule
Fifth, eliminate estate taxes that double taxes transference of assets to heirs
Sixth, implement tort reform to eliminate unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits that increases the cost of doing business across all industries
Seventh, reform state salaries, pensions and trim benefits to approximate the private sector
Eighth, repeal minimum mark-up rule

Ninth, stop the train

Tenth, make Wisconsin a “Right to Work” state

Eleventh,  balance the budget

Twelfth, eliminate entitlement benefits to non-citizens

These are just a few fiscal reforms which enable Wisconsin to chart a course to economic viability and prosperity for ALL of its residents regardless of race, creed, ethnic group or gender by creating a friendly, pro-growth business environment that attracts investment, fosters business expansion and ultimately create jobs.