Someone posted something on our Facebook wall and asked us to post it.

From: Henry Jackson


Hate it when someone makes me do something! Worse if it has anything to do with giving my undivided attention to most Media. Now PBS is different. But most Cable TV, and nearly All of B.E.T. I would cut, and put in the trash bin! Period!

But wait, hold it, don’t move, stop! I just did an undo…. I w…as literally forced to view
BLACK GIRLS ROCK. My hat off and kudos, did I say kudos, you got that right. Me being a man I was even truly impressed. Every young girl has to see it. Every woman should see it. Hold up let me say it like this. All genders no matter the race would take away something enlightening and powerful from this very, very, did I say very?… well done production. Thank You.