Are Black men potrayed negatively in the media?  Hell yes?  The only questions are by who, why, and what  can be done about it,  or if anything needs to be done?

I  think most Black men wonder, “what the hell did we do to have such an interest in disecting/discrediting us?” and why do we  care?  We know America is a nation of groups/races, and you are identified by your group, like it or not.  If your group is potrayed as lazy, morally bankrupt and lacking character that can be a problem as you go about your day to day life endeavors;  To be met at every door with suspicion.  I think thats were the “f*%k you “too” attitude comes from sometimes in Blackmen.  The “N” word is not used anymore except by “Ns”, no one dares go there.  I think most  Black men would tolerate the “N” word if it came with a real opportunity to never have to be an  “N” word again.

If the Blackman is potrayed as inferior by Whites, then White men look superior.  White Supremacy.  If the Black man is potrayed negatively by Blacks then Willie Lynch is still is effect, (Post-Traumatic-Slavery-disorder). Others can be motivated simply by the fact that it is a profitable endeavor, with little if any consequences;  Since as a group we do not take anyone to task who engages in profiteering at the expense of the Blackman’s image.  

We know that  taught and learned survival instincts have motivated some of the grinning and cooning images that were prevalent not so long ago and still today, for that matter.

President Barack Hussein Obama gave the nation a national climax, in 2008.  Even way down south there was a collectively exhale and hope. Hope that maybe one day we could really do the ” but by the content of their character”‘ thing that another great Black man spoke of.  That s*** dissapated right away. 

I love Blackmen.  I love my daddy, my brother and myself and after all is said and done I think thats all that really matters.