We’ve received this latest emails from at least 4 differents sources this morning including the original source. The Drum still isn’t sure who is the person (or persons) behind these communications. What we do know is that we are hoping the NAACP will clean house and once again assume its place of leadership within the Black Community.  


Wendell J. Harris, reputed criminal and confirmed deadbeat is running to be the president of the Milwaukee Branch NAACP. Harris, well known throughout the community for his history of embezzlement and theft is the hand picked successor to the nefarious Jerry Ann Hamilton as one who can continue the raiding of branch resources for personal enrichment. Harris’ early campaign brochure in which he falsely accuses the reform movement of adopting a slogan of “Run it or Ruin It”, when in actuality the slogan is and has been RESTORE, REFORM, REFOCUS is misleading and mendacious. This is typical of the kind of distortions and outright lies the community could expect if, unfortunately, he is in leadership of the Milwaukee Branch.

Harris, and his coterie of proven shysters, including the on again, off again, political operative Joan Hollingsworth whose criminal record is public knowledge and the notorious Danny/Marion Hargrove, or whatever alias he is using for the time being, are what we could expect to see running the local branch if Wendell would take office. To view their records go to: (http://wcca.wicourts.gov).

Wendell admits in his campaign flier that the Milwaukee Branch is in an “undesirable situation” what he doesn’t admit however, is that he was an integral part of the administration that put the Branch in such a situation. He is currently 1st Vice President directly under Jerry Ann Hamilton and all can be assured that this symbiotic relationship will continue if he ends up in office and the branch, along with the community, will inevitably continue to suffer. Wendell’s proclivity for misappropriating other people’s money is well known.

From his blatant embezzlement of funds from the Friendship Club as well as numerous legal actions taken against him by the State DWD, MATC, City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Electric Power Co., Bell Property Management Co., Kohl’s Food Stores, City Housing Authority, State Department of Revenue, and others too numerous to mention, but whose records are in the public domain at CCAP. We know that Wendell’s history of misuse of others’ funds is not limited to the NAACP. Simply put, Wendell has indubitably proven that he is an equal opportunity swindler. In fact, maybe Wendell can explain the disappearance of more than at least four lap-top computers from the NAACP offices. 

His close cohorts Danny/Marion Hargrove and Joan Hollingsworth also have numerous encounters with the Wisconsin Court System. Hargrove has a criminal record going back at least to the 1980’s while Hollingsworth is a more recent crook. Hollingsworth’s history of financial misdealing, narcotic violations and voter fraud with former Alderman Michael McGee Jr. and former State Senator Gary George span over the last 10 years.

In any case, are these the kind of people we want representing the NAACP, the oldest and most venerable civil rights organization in the country and one that we need fighting for the rights of all people and not bogged down in defending proven criminals?

All current NAACP members are encouraged to come out and vote on Saturday November 20th, and send these crooks home once and for all.