Mr. Wendell Harris, or Mr. James Hall to head the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP.  I like both of them, and *I don’t like either at the same time.  I shall tell you why I said that in the last sentence of the last paragraph of the last page of this article.

Nor is any of the above noted the reason for this that I now write:

Why I write this is to incite whomever gets the position of the President of the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP to please start a National Initiative to change the name of the organization.  Is it just me?  I opine that the name is out dated as is what the organization in all actuality does.  

In my empirical experience in dealing with the NAACP I have seen it as a grandiose referral agency. It (the organization) refers you to where you can maybe get some help in whatever plight or concern you might have at the time.  (Let me hasten to add this may not have happened to everyone though) 

In continuation, I beseech the NAACP to broaden its outlook to be able to really help with these current turbulent times that -our- country finds itself.  I see it as incumbent on the NAACP to reconstruct itself into some type of super buffer.  

The NAACP (in reconstruction) had better ready itself for this Conservative TSUNAMI that is waxing so arrogant in its notoriety effecting the world as a whole… not to mention President Obama’s Administration.     

I charge the “ National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” to if need be change your Laws or Charter.  Here, here is the key. Go on unhandcuff yourself. That is the only way you/we can deal with today’s times. 

In partial defense of the NAACP I will summarize by saying that it does have every now and than some very good programs.  For example, I took a quality

Parliamentary Class from them a while ago.  A Parliamentary Class teaches the do’s and don’t’s on how to properly conduct a formal meeting.

In retrospect on how the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP has conducted itself of late is why I used the word partial in the beginning of the above paragraph.  I mean seriously now, *James and Wendell, a near real fist fight between you two at a formal NAACP meeting?  Come on!