Blacks Need Not Apply: Why Coggs, Taylor, Grigsby and others need you to stay uninformed!


Blacks Need Not Apply!

Why are our black representatives are so willing to look the other way ?


Blacks Need Not Apply: Why Coggs, Taylor, Grigsby and others need you to march and stay uninformed!

Talgo Trains & Blatant Racism Charges are Kept Quiet By Wisconsin Black Representatives & Unions.

Monday about 200 people marched to support Talgo Train Manufactures staying in Wisconsin to make 2 trains for our state and possibly other states if given federal grant monies. With an impending lawsuit including allegations of blatant racism against all blacks and white men over 30, should we be so quick to support this company or get them out of our state post haste?

Firstly, what you need to know is that our Governor “Diamond” Jim Doyle, hired Talgo outright with no bidding process. Despite the glaring fact that we do have companies in this state that wanted to become the next manufacturer of Wisconsin’s newest endeavor in transportation, our state representatives went to Spain to pay absurd amounts of our money regardless of the needs of our workers and businesses in our state.

This endeavor would have helped Wisconsin employees as well as businesses to actively seek bids and contracts from not only Wisconsin, but many Midwestern states to complete their train systems, which in turn would have helped our state’s existing job market and made permanent jobs for temporary and unemployed Wisconsinites. When Talgo leaves, all Wisconsin will be left with is 55 permanent jobs and a lingering train upkeep bill we cannot afford.

Our governor with the aid of our blindly following legislature sold the state out to Talgo and their lobbyists. Spencer Coggs was in to the Talgo lobbyists for thousands of campaign bucks and he was all too happy to look the other way to sell out his own people for profit. So now we must ask who else got a little Christmas bonus from Talgo to keep black Milwaukee silent on Monday; Grigsby, Taylor, Young?

Secondly, Talgo has been accused of requiring Wisconsin applicants to submit pictures along with their resumes and for not hiring qualified blacks and white men over 30 years of age.


Talgo has been accused of requiring Wisconsin applicants to submit pictures along with their resumes and for not hiring qualified blacks and white men over 30 years of age.


From the Blog Site Blogging Blue:

Edgar Enciso was the Human Resources Manager for Talgo. While Enciso was at Talgo, Inc.’s Seattle location for orientation, he uncovered discrimination against non-Spaniard employees by Spaniard management. As HR Manager, Enciso attempted to investigate and eliminate such practices, but George Hlebechuk, CFO, and Antonio Perez, CEO, blocked his efforts to enforce U.S. laws.  

During Talgo’s hiring process in Milwaukee, Yolanda Juanas, Director of Human Resources at Patentes Talgo, Marta Alonso Perez, Juanas’ assistant, and Javier Palomo, the future Facility Manager in Milwaukee, demanded that Enciso discriminate against applicants based on their age and ethnicity/national origin. Palomo also asked Enciso to provide pictures of each applicant as a screening tool. Moreover, Talgo’s representatives were interviewing and hiring people for the Milwaukee location on tourist visas, in violation of U.S. immigration laws.

For opposing and refusing to violate U.S. anti-discrimination laws, Enciso was fired as HR Manager on June 15, 2010, the day before Juanas and Alonso Perez arrived in Wisconsin for a second round of interviews.

While there is more to the train story than time allows, we need to demand answers to these charges before one more dime is spent on Talgo and we need to sue them for any active racism practices that did occur in Milwaukee and other states.

While there are many other issues at stake here, the loss of farming jobs, the loss of road side businesses the impact on our air and quality of life in Wisconsin, the first and foremost issue should be to address the blatant racism and why are our black representatives are so willing to look the other way in this case. Politics does not always make good bed fellows!

Peace Family,


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16 Responses to Blacks Need Not Apply: Why Coggs, Taylor, Grigsby and others need you to stay uninformed!

  1. Great job on telling our people the truth. It’s a shame that most people will not see this story. Think Earl or Eric will talk about that part of the story on their show????

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    Thanks La Monte!
    This is what they should be talking about.-the TALK OF THE TOWN!!
    This company is getting major backing from Wisconsin’s Black Dems and yet they could care less about our people. It is all about the money. If people only began to see their reps for the true “heros” of truth and justice they really are! It makes me sick!
    Sojourner Truth said “come ride a my train” this is not the train she had in mind!

  3. Gaga says:

    When will Black Milwaukee stop falling for these career politicians? There is desperate need of some fresh faces, fresh fighters. Black Milwaukee get new meat to run against these dried up eyesores. Every Cogg in office is a leech. Taylor is a self absorbed moron. Grisby is a mute

  4. Wonder Woman says:

    @ Gaga, well I guess we have so much apathy that people simply do not care. I still cannot figure out why in the hell people would actually go out and march for Talgo. Being silent is one thing but marching to keep them is apathy in action!

  5. Gaga says:

    I still cannot figure out how Black people keep falling for broken promises, electing and re-electing based on popularity despite poor or little performances, being comfortable being everyone else’s door mats, allowing others to control their thought process…

  6. Wonder Woman says:

    I think there are several reasons. FRom older black folk thinking well at least its us doing it, to well we all deserve to get our share and all types of thinking. Still there are those of us who know its wrong and are met with very vuiolent people who shout us down or call us UIncle Toms for demanding EVERYONE play fair with OUR tax money!
    Seems to me that some people simply don’t know or keep their heads in the sand. We could go on for days.

  7. Blackness says:

    Great Article. Eric and Earl both need to expose this for what it is. Just because Doyle and Barrett are Democrats it does not make them right. The Black community needs to wake up to all the useless elected Black people. Grisby, ALL of the Coggs, Taylor, Halloway,,, What have they down for the black community? We have had a democrat Gov, Mayor and most of the county board.. What improvements have they made to the black community.

    Spending time talking about manufacturing went overseas is usless. Manufacturing has been leaving for 20 years, Why was the black community prepared? It is time to stop blaming everyone else for our plight,. Who cares why Thanksgiving is told incorrectly. Who cares if the Koss Executives are ok with the person who stole THIER money getting 11 yrs.

    As a community we should care why a child was left on a van. Why a thirteen years was not alert enough to question his whereabouts? Why a mom did not call and check on her kids between 5 and midnight. You want to have the hard conversations. Put this mom on Earl’s show. Put Halloway on the show and have him explain how he is going to lower my property taxes.

  8. I hope I don’t muddy my hand! But I’m going to pull Tamara Grigsby out of that above mentioned
    mess. Here I reference an article where Tamara received an award. It had something to do with helping distressed children. That Tamara helps the little children doesn’t surprise me. She helps us big people too!
    A few months ago some of the afore mentioned Politicians had their names dragged in the mud.
    Representative Grigsby’s name remained mud free. I respect Tamara as does much of Milwaukee.
    If I loose my hand, oh well it won’t be the first time I was wrong. But I believe my hand will remain MUD FREE!

    • cherry st. says:

      Tamara has been the single biggest obstructionist to improve our daycare/childcare system. She has sided with the unions at every turn (SEIU), and she clearly does NOT care about the children. Ask brotha Reggie Bicha what he thinks of Tamara and how she has responded to his daycare reforms. Ask her if she feels guilty about kids still dying in vans. I’d be interested to hear how she justifies her anti-children record.

  9. Wonder Woman says:

    @ Blackness very excellent thoughts! No one is marching for ltittle kids and their rights. Where was that mom and is she now going to sue and get money to continue being a not so attentive mom? Where are we as parents? It is sick! And shouldn’t we be marching for decent reading programs and higher standards in schools, not for trains that would only give us 55 permanent jobs and temporary employment, well actually not since they won’t hire US!!!!

    @ hjacksonenterprisez… no need to get mud on your hands but my thinking is that we need representatives who “REPRESENT” us on all levels. It is good that Grigsby is doing something, but we could say that of all those mentioned. They cover their “tracks” pun intended, very well. How can they say Walker is racist for a little soul train music and then say this company should be supported?
    What we need is for them to stand up to partisian politics all the time not when it suits them. I want to see Tamara be as vigorous about this racism as she is about her passions. She has to be consistent and that is the issue. We cannot afford for them to turn a blind eye to racism at any level. Taylor really comminucates well with the community but still there she is running her mouth about Scott Walker when her hand is getting greased.
    We need fulltime representation not part time and that is the problem we are seeing. No one, not one of our black elected said one word of opposition about the racism of this company and that makes them as guilty as Talgo. They abused public trust and that can never wash away the mud on their souls for what they did.

    Shame on them and I hope you understand no one is attacking you for seeing the good in her, but you also need to see the person she has become and her involvement in all this mess.
    Peace All,

  10. Blackness says:

    Shame on us for not demanding more from our Black Leaders. Shame on the local radio stations that want to have the ‘hard conversations’ for not addressing what the Black Leaders are doing to the black community and what the black community is doing to the black community.

  11. Gaga says:

    The only out spoken person in Milwaukee I can think of that is truly for the rights of Black people & wants to fight is Ieshuh Griffin

  12. rhonda says:

    Politicians do not tell us the truth about their intentions before being elected. Once in office they do what suits them and to heck with the community. In this city many people have many problems and they are not paying attention to the politicians. In order for that to change, average people need to organize and show politicians that they are being watched. Until this happens expect more of the same. They promise job creation but what they do not say is that the jobs are for themselves and their relatives.

  13. Wonder Woman says:

    @ Cherry, I had not heard of Grigsby being an onstructionist for daycares. As a parent with 2 in daycare, I would love to know more about this. How do we contact Brother Reggie and find out more?
    Thanks all, this type of dialogue helps to let more people know what is going on and who is responsible for our lack of progress in Milwaukee.

  14. Jay says:

    Democrat party Liberalism = Poverty Pimps

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