What is the difference between the Right Wing Tea Party, and the Right Wing John Birch Society?  None that I can see; is the answer to that question.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)* lists the John Birch Society as a Patriot (oops there’s that word) group.  And these same two groups have extreme anti governmental doctrines, and sentiments. 

What would be interesting is to see who all visits the John Birch Society’s headquarters located in of all places Wisconsin.  Yep!  That’s right!  Grand Chute, Wisconsin. 

Also located in Grand Chute, Wisconsin is the radio station WOSH 1490 AM.  This radio station broadcasts Ultra Right Winger Rush Limbaugh, and Ultra Right Winger Glenn Beck, and Dr. Laura; among others.

The John Birch Society has had its ugly head hidden for so long I thought they were extinct.  But it would seem that they were away in the dark thinking, thinking of ways to do harm without showing their hand.  Is the Tea Party then the brainchild of the John Birch Society?  Is the old John Birch Society the new nefarious THINK TANK for the Conservative extremist?   Well who knows, but some things do make you go hummmm!  And then add to it those characters from the preceding paragraph, and you’ve got one hell of a PARTY for TEA… hummm. 

Wait!  I’m not nearly finished yet!  I don’t know what all else is going on in that small, mysterious, out of the way place… but according to the Grand Chute, WI Sheriff’s department, during Holloween, Sunday, 10/31/2010,  (trick or treat day), there were arrested some sex offenders…12.  That’s right!  Not one or two, but TWELVE!  Why and how in the world would TWELVE sex offenders be located in such a place, Grand Chute, Wisconsin?  And obviously still misbehaving!  That was 12 that got arrested so that surely means that there are many more there.  Grand Chute seems to be a very interesting spot for normal homo sapiens to stay far the hell away from to say the least.

*SPLC (The Southern Poverty Law Center) is an entity that offers legal help to victims of discrimination and/or crimes of hate… Wikipedia