NAACP Member Documents Suspension, Fires Back At National Leadership

Mary Glass, Chair/CEO Milwaukee Professionals Association (MPA), provided TMD with 14 pages of interesting documents regarding her recent history with the local and national NAACP offices. Within these documents, you will see a letter of memebership suspension from the NAACP and other information as it relates to Ms. Glass.

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One Response to NAACP Member Documents Suspension, Fires Back At National Leadership

  1. Warrior says:

    Ms. Glass:

    Do you have this much time on your hands. If you are a black professional in Milwaukee, concentrate on your job. Who has this much time on their hands to write such ridiculous, delusional trash. Talent is being wasted on trying to ruin the only civil rights organization that fought for you and your ancestors. Take a break and drink a cup of “joe” or better yet, visit a psychiatrist and get a prescription for sedatives. Take the talent that you have and work with the “reform” movement who recently acquired the Milwaukee Branch NAACP. They will need your talent to create newsletters that will inform the membership of the civil rights work that you and your group will be doing. You also need to take up a collection for stamps, since your newsletters have ruined any kind of financial support that the “reform” NAACP will get from the community. I haven’t had the time to read all of your newsletter, it is too much to read (I don’t have that much time to waste), but the graphics seem to be alright. It would be better to use your talent in a positive manner instead trying to ruin the oldest and the boldest, the biggest and the baddest, the most feared and revered civil rights organization in America. Take a “chill pill,” Ms. Glass and “relax.”

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