Hey!  Here is something you already knew, but probably didn’t even know that you already knew it. 

‘Ebonics’ or ‘White South Speak’, is one and the same.  Decades past most Negros came North from the South.  And some of us, their decedents, to this day speak the way they did.  These Negro forefathers of ours had picked-up their ‘White speak or Ebonics’ from the southern White folk, and brought it North. 

To this day these White decedents still ‘White South Speak’ the way their forefathers did.  Why then aren’t these White folks ridiculed for the way they bastardize or ebonize the English language?  When they ‘Bad Speak’ (use Ebonics) it is fashionable or check this now… it is called their quaint, melodic, southern drawl!    

Yet, when we use this very same so called melodic, southern drawl it’s characterized as ‘Wrong Speak’ or ignorant and stupid!  Why the different criterion?  Can I get an answer?  Funny huh?  What?  Are you still laughing?… or just smiling?

henry jackson