Mississippi is still Mississippi for Black People just ask the family of the Scott Sisters. Don’t tell me RACISM DOESN’T EXIST! Don’t stay asleep Black People, OUR STRUGGLE is a DAILY STRUGGLE for OUR SURVIVAL.

Sign the NAACP petition to Governor Barbour asking him to free the Scott sisters:

Free The Scott Sisters now!!!!!

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From the Action for the Scott Sisters Facebook Group:

Dear Supporters of The Scott Sisters:

Jamie Scott has expressed a great increase in the loss of her vision — she has NOT received glasses as of yet and has a big problem seeing. Call Dr. Gloria Perry regarding this – gperry@mdoc.state.ms.us
(601) 359-5155

Gladys Scott has informed me that the board of Pardons and Parole in Mississippi is wrapping their investigation up and will refer their findings to Governor Haley Barbour’s office.

Gladys Scott has requested that we call, fax, snail mail and e-mail The Honorable Haley Barbour’s office to request clemency. Please also request that the governor make provisions for the sisters to include that their civil rights are restored – WITHOUT FELONY records.

Make a toll free call to governor Haley Barbour at 877-405-0733

E-mail governor Barbour — governor@governor.state.ms.us

Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Fax: 601-359-3741

Email the governor’s personal assistant – Dorothy Kuykendal


*How much is a life worth? What about two lives? For sisters Jamie and Gladys Scott, $11 earned them each double life sentences.

Jamie and Gladys were convicted of being accomplices to a 1993 robbery. The teenagers who carried out the robbery served only two years in prison. The judge never explained why the Scott sisters deserved such severe sentences.

Sixteen years later, the Scott sisters are still in prison. And if Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour doesn’t intervene, they will die in prison — all over just $11. You can get the word out about this horrific injustice.

Sign the NAACP petition to Governor Barbour asking him to free the Scott sisters:

When the Scott sisters were put on trial, neither Jamie nor Gladys had a criminal record. But the presiding judge in their trial, Judge Marcus Gordon, has a history of racially biased rulings.

In all my years working to reform the criminal justice system, I have never seen such an extreme sentence for this type of crime. I am not alone. Even the original prosecutor in the case has since become an advocate for the sisters’ freedom.

Yours in the struggle,
Ben Jealous, President and CEO NAACP

Ya’ll know who this Freedom Fighter is in the next vid, peace Queen.