Dozens of activists demonstrated across the street from the Milwaukee Branch NAACP election site for the “Milwaukee Eight” singing “We Shall Overcome”, in support of themembers who were suspended for supporting now president-elect Attorney James Hall (see MJS Article 

The election process began with one of the NAACP National office clowns, (Amos and Andy redux) verbally assaulting Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer Georgia Pabst in front of several NAACP members including former Milwaukee Branch president Felmers Cheney, to much surprise and consternation, before the election process evenopened. 

Within the sanctuary of Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church NAACP members anxiously waited for hours throughout the process of nominating candidates from the floor. Tom White, State of Wisconsin NAACP Chapter President, and fellow Jerry Ann Hamilton conspirator, introduced Jerry Ann to speak to the electorate as she lamented that she hoped that this branch would “treat the next president better than it treated her!” 

Unfortunately, Jerry Ann Hamilton still views herself as the victim rather than the source of all the dishonest shenanigans that characterized her tenure as Branch president. The blatant thievery and nepotism that led to the lack of respect and support for the local NAACP rests entirely at the feet of Jerry Ann Hamilton and her immediate family. 

The most comical and telling moment of this election process was when Tom White went into a litany of moronic monologues regurgitating his past experiences that the electorate found uninteresting resulting in one member passionately inquiring as to when the actual voting was to take place after finishing a third shift job to attend and participate in this election process. 

Mr. White’s response was that they had already begun counting the votes. Laughter and jeers broke out ceremoniously throughout the sanctuary because everyone knew that the voting had not even begun. No one had cast a single vote, yet Mr. White proclaimed in front of the entire electorate that the counting of the votes had already started and quickly back peddled to ignore this Freudian slipwith more of his outdated soliloquies. 

It could be that Mr. White is so accustomed to conducting elections making untruthful statements about election processes that end with a story about how black folks used to pick cotton or how some racist cop pulled someone’s Daddy over and called him a “boy” distracting voters from the real issue at hand: Conducting a fair election. 

Many commented that this election was reminiscent of grass root civil rights efforts of the 60’s and 70’s and at one point NAACP members started singing “This Little Light of Mine” after the voting actually started. 

Is this a good or bad thing? 

Good, because it represented a community that came together to confront and challenge an administration that has taken its own community for granted by abusing their positions for their own personal gain. Good because it helped foster the argument that the NAACP can be relevant if you have the right people running it and not ruining it. Good because it made transparent that this community is in need and is ready to step up to the plate and start tackling the barrage of challenges that it faces. 

Bad, because the city of Milwaukee after over 50 years of civil rights legislation, protest and activism, has unnecessarily been retarded for the past ten years by an administration that has been immersed in making the NAACP a family slush fund. Something that apparently is not solely unique to the Milwaukee branch. 

These emails started as an effort to expose the shenanigans and improprieties of the Milwaukee NAACP. We will continue to keep you informed about the activities of this branchand the NAACP. 

By the way, Attorney James Hall won by over a two-to-one margin. (Hall-230 to Wendell Harris-99) And no, that does not indicate that Hall has a “70% approval rating” but merely that 70% of the voters on Saturday chose to support James Hall rather than Jerry Ann Hamilton’s hand picked candidate. As a matter of fact, since no one knows the actual membership numbers, we can safely assume that the 329 members voting do not reflect the overall majority of NAACP members