Much love to Reverend Al Sharpton (New York, NY). Much love to Attorney Warren Ballentine (Chicago, Il) .  And much love to you, and whomever else is being made fools of by some unscrupulous advertisers.  And then, in turn, making fools out of some of the rest of us by proxy.  By none other than these two above mentioned, no less!

BETA PROSTATE is promoted by these Radio Jocks.  I use the term radio jock purposefully, and derogatorily!  They even have owners or employers of the BETA PROSTATE manufacturers as guests in their prospective radio studios selling this concoction.  Concoction because what legal body has concurred that this product actually works?  Definitely not the FEDERAL DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA).

These Radio Jocks/Beta Prostate Jocks go so far as to claim that they even take this stuff themselves, and have had positive results from it.  LIARS!  They just did not say that the positive results were financial.  So these Jocks then are outright lying to us! Beta Prostate is supposed to eliminate any prostate problems an individual might have.  Which is a lie!  I call it a lie without ever having to try the garbage myself.  Garbage not only because it doesn’t do what it is claimed to be able to do, but also because of how it is promoted.  Here is my primary concern though!  Let me repeat that I love them!…  but in the same breath, let me say that if they lie about this, what else will they lie about?  Our Black Communities trust these Radio Personalities.  Ergo, when they say anything we trust and believe it to be factual; thus truthful!  Or do we have a lying pastor and a lying attorney?  Yes we certainly do!

BETA PROSTATE is said to be free of charge.  Free. If you are like me anytime I see the selling point ‘free’ I take a step back.  Let’s deal with free! The pushers of this stuff do not charge you (supposedly) for the product.  It is free, just pay for the shipping & handling.  You got it!  Beware the Trojan Horse.

The over priced shipping and handling cost more than pays for the product!

I only want my people to think!  THINK people!  If this junk worked there would be no prostate concerns anywhere in the World.  And America still being Capitalist America, these makers of BETA PROSTATE could honestly get rich, without hoodwinking anyone.  Furthermore, then they would have no reason to pay these rogue radio stations to lie.  Their product would be advertised by word of mouth.

Lastly!  They even promote BETA PROSTATE as a sexual stimulant… Again, another fallacy.  That is only another selling tool once again targeted at the gullible consumer!   Were this true people their shelves would be as bare as their other bald faced lies.  A stimulant for their wallets?  Yes!  Without nary a doubt!  You two need money?  Well straight up, ask us for some!   And we will drown you in it, because we love you.  But what you both are doing now is robbery in the thirty-third degree;  MASONIC wise, moral wise, and other wise.

Here is some recent feedback from men that have read my comments and informed me of these further abuses!  What I was told by these men who had believed the impostor pastor (a)l  (s)harpton’s, and friend of the court’s (w)arren (b)allentine’s lies (to hell with an upper case for these two), and had indulged in this star studded scam, is this!  Once ordered, about the time that they, the lying manufacturers, thought that the gullible consumer had run out of this garbage, the telephone calls started!  These men said that the phone calls were nearly back to back, in attempts to get them to reorder.  The men say it is straight harassment what these manufacturers do in attempts to convince them to reorder the garbage!  According to these men it is exactly like what the Collection Agencies do with the bombardment of unwanted, ungodly… telephone assaults!

Reader/listener:  I have e-mailed this missive to ballentine and sharpton before.  Then after not noting any reduction in the transmissions of these bogus broadcasts, I then started e-mailing this same missive to people that they enteract with.  That I did only after having asking these two to desist.  Swindlers, and uncouth con men we have enough of  in our neighborhoods already bilking the citizens out of the few pennies left in their already strapped pockets and purses.  Readers/listener, you may not have noted that my attitude is slowly changing in my words as they relate to these two con artists!  What until now could have been looked at as unconscious mistakes (stretching it) can no longer be looked at as such by this  hustling duo of, ballentine & sharpton!  A negro Tag Team!

Latest update:  As of 12/30/2010 Al Sharpton has not sinned further that I’ve heard.  But wait church folks, don’t get happy and shout yet, let us wait to see.  Pastors get forgetful!  Let’s give it some time… LET”S KEEP IT REAL!

[Dr. BOYCE WATKINS, DICK GREGORY, Dr. CORNEL WEST et al  are only a few of the many personalities that these two rub elbows with that I have sent e-mails to in my efforts to stop this money crazed gruesome, twosome of shark-ton and ballentine’s crime spree on the BLACK AFRICAN DIASPORA in what is this HELL PIT OF AMERICA!] Once again I am merely keeping it real!  AS that fool al would say!]

Oh, but not so with attorney ballentine, he persists in these criminal broadcasts.  Maybe he needs the money to compensate for his self confessed “NO LIMIT GAMBLING” addiction that he has!  The zip damn fool!  Yet one still has to care for the liar.  He does advocate for the Black Community.  Or is this only another way to fill his already over flowing coffers?  By rechanneling some revenue from the Banks that he picked for us, back to his Back Account?  By pocketing large amounts of money from your Bankruptcy Filings done by his cohort of Lawyer buddies?  Just how tight are the Real Estate transactions done again by warren’s cronies?  Their actions dictate that we start to view these two under a brighter light!

Just a thought:  I wonder in what other clandestine escapades-  with his spit soaked,  microbe infected microphone- does warren slither?

This is an update on the update.  Sadly, but did I not say that pastors are forgetful, (among a whole lot of other things)!  01/05/2011, they both are back hustling their own oppressed people!  I just heard beta prostate announcements from both of their broadcast stations (affiliates).

In other publications I had implicated a Radio Station WMCS 1290 Milwaukee, WI employee in this conspiracy.  Since then though I ceased in deference to him, a proven really good man who is employed there.  It is not The Overtly Arrogant Eric Von either by the way!  And I did not want any of this to be even remotely reflected towards him that I speak.  And I still don’t.  OH!  But not so for the owner of the station who is the Green Bay Packer’s  football Great, Mr. Willie Davis.  I shall make it my business to see that Mr. football great gets a copy of this missive directly to his famed fingers.  I have already sent copies to the Station.  I am sensing too that WMCS 1290 can also do something about correcting this messy BETA helter skelter matter.  Or is WMCS 1290’s hand some how in the money pot, or spittoon too.  Because it after all is a prime CONDUIT for the broadcast of these harmful beta prostate audiomercials!  I’ll soon find out, regardless of the [new] convenient, disclaimer that I just noticed.  Said disclaimer states that the Station has nothing to do, one way or the other, with whatever its advertisers allege.   Bull Shit!  Such a statement isn’t meant for  grown folks of intellect to believe I know, is it!  Were a Lawsuit to come of this that wordage would not help.   Did you hear me WMCS?  No one has looked into this beta prostate garbage to see [IF] this Cure – All has harmed anyone!  Stay tuned for any updates… for there in that direction heads my pursuit for Remedy!  The Pen has written, flushed, and moved on. But purposely left the lid up, and left on The Light….


post script:  the unbelivable is this!  I am a card carrying member of the National Action Network, shark-ton’s New York, NY based organization.   If it hasn’t expired.  I yet contend that he does do good things; periodically.

Signed for HJ by, That Pen Again