Did African-Americans  lower their  expectations  or are they just facing  facts?  Can Blacks make the cut as a  respected people in  multi-cultural America?  After the Great Recession and seeing the electing  of a Black president rendered nolo contendere;  What are black people’s thoughts for the future?

African-American children are just as smart as any other children, right?  The lazy Black man is certainly just a myth and the sex-crazed, child neglecting black women is just a character in white-supremacist propaganda. 

There seems to be a lack  of visible outrage in the Black community in light of the fact that Black  people continuously have the highest unemployment numbers in the country, the lowest percentage of college students, the highest incarceration rates,  the lowest number of two-parent households, the list is really long. Notwithstanding, if you have occasion to talk with African-Americans these things are not what they are talking about; why is that?  Have Africans in American finally accepted that they are truly inferior?

Most American ethnic groups respond vociferously when forces impact them in a negative way.  With little more than a whimper coming out of the Black communities these days can one assume that Black people don’t know how bad their condition is, don’t care,  or maybe when you expect nothing that’s just what you get.