Know that the Earth has always been GOD’S Gift to you Black man and Black Woman

A comparison between Melanin Enhanced Beings, and Melanin Depraved Ones:  

CAVEAT: Stop. This has not been written for all eyes.  Reader you might want to stop NOW!  Graphic written imagery does occur. 

The less amount of this substance (Melanin) there is in the Human Organ the less empathy, and compassion, or even love there is for other living things.  Oh, you noticed it too!  Well, that is the way most Sapiens would deduce it!  Oh come on!  Just look at the blatant racism over these multi centuries.  And even more so when it comes to Beings that resemble them, the Melanin Depraved Ones, just darker hued that is all.  I said, “other living things”, remember?  Have you not noted that these Melanin Depraved Ones mistreat everything…? the oceans, the forests, other Countries’ reserves?  The White man is forever cruel, crude, and conniving!

These Melanin deprived Ones are today more advanced technological wise than the Melanin Enhanced groups. The Melanin Depraved Ones left Africa and endured the biting cold of a very hostile environment in order to survive.  Did the biting cold freeze out their feelings for other life?  Seems so!  Tenacious they were/are too.  Though looting, and plundering the Great Libraries, and Cultures of other Civilizations, was how they eventually, advanced into a technological powerhouse.

Theories abound.  One is that these Melanin Deprived Ones were/are not the same as the Melanin Enhanced Beings that stayed behind in Africa.  Another theory is that somebody came here from another planet, and that somebody else was here from the beginning.  Here being Earth.  Another one is that the Black Man made the white man through gene manipulation!  I offer no opinion, that is not my objective.  At this juncture anyway.

I only want to be on point, and be hopefully, and purposely, and by all means, truthful. Now back to my subject matter.  Allow me to speak, if you will, about the true MAN!  The African man (from the land of Africa) juxtaposed, if such a thing is possible, to/with the Caucasian man from caves in the Caucas Mountains of Europe.  Why such animosity from the Cave man toward the African man?  Why when the African man has done nothing to garner such unabated viciousness from the Ones from the Caves…..

WHY the nasty, unbridled, unhidden hatred for a whole race of people by the grand majority of these Melanin Depraved Ones!?  You want to know Why?  Here is the WHY!  Because,  WHAT!?.. can the Melanin Depraved Ones do that the Melanin Enhanced Beings have PROVEN that they can do; and do even better?!  The Melanin Enhanced Beings given the same odds in anything-anything-any damn thing… will out do (and have out done) the Melanin Depraved Ones.  There!  There is your reason WHY.  Do not you see that the Melanin Enhanced Beings are kept out of all viable endeavors?  That is done by design by the Melanin Depraved Ones so as not to be made to look like the weaklings that they truly are  in their own camps by the Melanin Enhanced beings!  On equal footing they can not dominate ANYTHING!

Real opportunities.  True Rights.  Never!  Or at best a long ways off.

Just look at the Political situation of today.  My people I apologize before hand! But, I deem that Resident Barack Obama is just that, a Resident of the White House, not the President of it!   Nothing is barred.  Everything is allowed to be said or put in print!  The truthfulness or falsity of a thing these days (This BeingThe Year Of Our Lord Two Thousand And Ten) has absolutely nothing to do with anything anymore.  Commander And Chief Barack Obama is the most powerful Melanin Enhanced Being on earth! Yet he is also the greatest one man most mocked, and maligned in these United States of America!  Nothing is off limits.  No respect!  None!

Here is the down, and dirty, and true reason WHY….  For any person that might not have fully understood the above written reason WHY; let me break it down like this for you!  The White man is afraid of the night, of the dark.  But, more so he is afraid of the Dark Man.  Nevertheless, he loves him some of that Black Woman….  Yet the White woman loves her some of that Melanin Enhanced Black MAN! MOST White men are terrified of The Black Man in one way or another.

Careful, morbid examples upcoming:

A Black Man against a White man in a knife or fist fight!  Who would you bet your money on?  Or more graphically depicted; (stop here if you have an uneasy stomach) That Black Being even without the knife will utterly kill and eat that Depraved One….


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  1. Disrael says:

    Interesting!! Honestly, some of the things mentioned sound just far-fetched enough to have some merit.

  2. Russ says:

    The Caucasian, who emerged from the icebox of Europe was a fierce, raw meat eating savage who had lost all spiritual connection due to his physical and physiological adaption to the cold climate over the thousands of years during the last glacier. When he first gazed upon the high culture of the refined Afrikan he immediately felt envious, inferior, angry and full of hatred. Initially shunned and rejected by the Afrikan, he set his mind to go to war against the Afrikan, alternatively to integrate into the Afrikan family, and to forever subdue, subjugate, enslave and exploit the Afrikan and all other people of color. So it was, so it is. However, his time is up and his temporary reign near an end. In his desperation he has placed a cooperating Black figurehead at the head of his evil empire, but that too is in vain.

    • clarencel coo says:

      WRONG – Black Figurehead!! CORRECT – Black Spineless Figurehead (At least to date. Hopefully his Black heritage will soon surface)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes that’s why Africa is such a well developed place and a technological marvel ROFL! JK they swing from trees and eat bugs still.

  3. Sa Ra Nakht says:

    love your work god. The world(our ppl in particular) needs to know the truth about who the gods/goddesses r that created the ‘universe’ and all there is. Like to network wit u Blak man…hotep

  4. Russ, I do pray that you are wrong…, “COORPERATING Black Figure-head!” But, to date, it would seem that you are 100% correct. And the sad part is, at least for my part; I am going to be practically stuck with giving obama my undeserved, unmerited vote yet again come 2012!

    HOTEP! Back at ‘cha Black Man>Sa Ra Nakht.

  5. Russ says:

    Wait and see if a third party candidate emerges. I voted for Cynthia McKinney rather than Puppet Obama. One must take a principled stand irrespective of which way the system or the masses/mob go, Black or white. If, for example, Clarence Thomas was a presidential candidate, you would somehow find a way not to vote for him. You have no obligation, ever, to vote for your oppressor, even if he puts on a black mask. You always have a choice!

    • Russ, excellent, irrefutable comment sir. With an hermetrically sealed Clarence Thomas analogy in that YES, not voting for CT would be without option. You are so correct! I would first cast my vote for the landlord of HADES! Nor was the “black mask”, lacking in real significance.

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