You Have to Spend at Least $5

NO, YOU DONT have to spend at least $5…I really get upset when mechants pull this ish in Black/poor communities.  You can always just take your business elsewhere. However,  you may not have that option, the time or not to mention, the expense of getting in your car and driving down the block. No one else has this madness going on in their community. HOW LONG , BLACK PEOPLE, WILL WE LAY DOWN WHILE WERE WALKED OVER?

The link below has some good consumer information on this subject and many more.  EDUCATE, AGITATE AND ORGANIZE

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11 Responses to You Have to Spend at Least $5

  1. Shakara says:

    Firstly, this is NOT only seen in Black communities. I can say that first hand because I have seen it in ALL communities. I’ve seen it in Franklin, Greenfield, and Brookfield at gas stations and Open Pantry, which are definitely far from “Black/poor communities”. I’m sure people of other races don’t understand this rule imposed by merchants either. It’s not a black and white issue, it’s an issue of not being informed or educated on your rights as a consumer. Also, having worked for major 2 banks, I can also say it is a way for small businesses to pass the cost of the machine they rent from the bank to process Visa/MC card transactions on to customers. It’s illegal and they can have their machines revoked for doing that. As consumers, we can easily call Visa/MC and report these merchants.

    Everything is NOT always about RACE. I’m all for standing up for my people, but please, don’t make every little injustice a race issue.

    But this is GREAT information to post for those consumers, both black and white, who did not know this was illegal.

  2. Shakara says:

    I should restate, it’s not illegal as in against state law, but it violates the terms of the contract between the merchant and Visa/MC.

  3. Disrael says:

    I am a Blackman, my concern is primarily the Black people and the Black community. If other communities share similar concerns, that is where coalitions come from. I have not seen any significant amount of this practice in White/wealthy communities. People can choose to see their lives anyway they chose. Pretending that something does not exist, does not make it so. Im confused about the term “little injustice.” The truth has no color and good information can benefit everyone. Im glad the post was seen as informative, that was the goal. Peace

  4. Shakara says:

    Big brother, you specifically said no one else had this madness in their community and that our ppl were being walked on, but I was just saying it’s just a case of being misinformed as consumers, not an attack on our ppl. You are right, truth has no color, but you seemed to give it one in your initial post. I don’t want us to think everything that happens is an attack against us when white, Hispanic, Asian, whoever are also victims of the minimum purchase scheme. It’s a capitalist trick. That’s all I was trying to say. Much love.

  5. Disrael says:

    When capitalist tricksters design their tricks, they have an idea of who they are going to play the tricks on. Some communities don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to swindling their members out of their monies. One could say this scheme is aimed at misinformed consumers, of which the majority happen to be Black and or poor. Notwithstanding, your points are well taken. I, nonetheless, submit that the capitalist tricks that affect everyone else seem to impact the Black community disproportionately. The indicators that measure the misery of people in America all show that while the nation is at 10% unemployment, the Black community is around 20%. Poverty rates for for Americans 15%, poverty rates for Black Americans 30%, the list goes on and on. The point is whether through racism, classism, or just bad luck Black people get the worst of all the ills of American life. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Peace

  6. Disrael says:

    I saw an older post by you where you were trying to organize a seminar of individuals to have some real dialouge on race matters. Did you ever get it off the ground? How did it turn out? I participated in something similar some 20 years back at MATC and found it very informative, stimulating and I actually left with some different ideas about peopleof different races.

    • Shakara says:

      I only had one person show interest so the ball never got rolling. I was pretty disappointed. I don’t know of our people here in 2010 will speak up for themselves. It saddens me. I still want to do it though.

  7. Disrael says:

    It could be something good. If you get it going I’d be glad to fill the spot of the “Angry Black Dude” Smile. Maybe you find a way to get people some little gift, buy them dinner or something. People sometimes have to be motivated to do things, even if those things could wind up benefiting them.

    • Shakara says:

      Hey, I’m a college student, no money for gifts…lol. But I hear ya, it’s sad I have to lure people in, even though the knowledge should be the ultimate gift. Do you know anyone else of other nationalities that would want to participate? I wish you could have come to my discussion on Juan Williams a few weeks back. It was great!

  8. Disrael says:

    I did see the post and actually had put it own my calendar; Im doing some contract work as Im currently unemployed and I couldnt get away. It is sad that you have to lure people. I have a couple of associates of different ethnicities that I could approach. A lot of people are just so uncomfortable with race matters that you cant get people to have honest conversations.

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