DANGER! DANGER! Mayor Hines, we are waiting on you to make the first move.

Wonder Woman Wednesdays Presents:  Lil Willie Come Blow Your Horn!

Mayor Hines, hello are you still with us?

2012: The battle for a new era in Milwaukee! So much at stake for us colored folk and so much will remain “business as usual” in Milwaukee if you don’t step up real soon, like asap!

Let me warn you WW is just a little pissed off today and I will tell you why. I was watching TV over the weekend and noticed a series of commercials featuring our outgoing Mayor Barrett promoting programs that help flood victims, home owners, and other housing issues in the city. He was all smug on the TV as if he came up with this ish and was a caring and compassionate mayor, when in fact he has been M.I.A. for the last several months until he found out he had to cancel his U-haul rental and come back to this Godforsaken city for another 2 years.

{Building Stronger Neighborhood Programs….http://www.milwaukeehousinghelp.org}


For several months and really for his entire term, you have been the watchful guardian over this city,


Well Wonder Woman is wondering abouts when is Mayor Hines going to come out and put a stop to all this swaggajacking from Barrett and start letting the masses know these programs and this work is a direct result of his hard work and creative, outside-the-box leadership?

Alderman Willie Hines proposes selling flood victims $1 homes.

If you are running for mayor, seems to me this would be the time to start attaching your name to your work. Seems to me that you need to be more vocal and not standing in the background for all the press conferences and commercials. Seems to me you need to speak up brotha and let these people know what time it is! This man is leading us straight into more destitution and poverty. Sure he got a company to come in and hire Spanish people in the hood, that’s nice for them, and sure he got a new communication business to come in and hire south side residents but what has he done for US lately? Where are we with the restoration efforts for Bronzeville? Does he even know about it? Do we have to keep looking at boarded up old buildings with Bronzeville signs promising that something is on the way, for yet another year? How many years do we have to look at those signs, because it’s been years, YEARS!!!! The signs are faded and the businesses keep closing. Bronzeville looks as empty as a black person’s prosperity in this city, BLIGHT!

Mayor Hines I implore you to stop letting Tom Barrett and others take your ideas. For several months and really for his entire term, you have been the watchful guardian over this city, doing what you can to keep us afloat. God only knows where black folk, or the entire city would be if you weren’t President of the Common Council. I know you are not big on words and more of an “Action Jackson” kind of guy, but Willie please, BLOW YOUR HORN!!! BEAT YOUR DRUM!!! BANG YOUR GONG!!! Let people know who you are. Time to be boss!

By the way to add injury to insult, if you want to know what our current mayor is doing right now, he is raising money and collecting items for the “Holiday Care Packages” for our Wisconsin troops overseas.

As documented here….http://city.milwaukee.gov/thebarrettreport

Aaaahhh you say, how nice! I say what the hell about us in the city in desperate need of Holiday Care Packages? Packages including the standards of food and possibly presents, but let’s go one further and add some jobs and opportunity to that package. What about the jobless, impoverished, homeless people right here? I guess you won’t see us anymore until right around the end of 2011, or the beginning of election season. Then maybe you will care once again. Or possibly you are punishing the whole city for not voting you in as governor. 

Either way, Mayor Hines, we are waiting on you to kae the first move. Running against a career politician every moment counts! Tick tock, tick tock…

By the way, won’t it be interesting to see what our black elected do during this “take back” of our city. Those who pledged their undying loyalties to Barrett, I bet they are in panic mode now. Hum….

Peace Family,