Growing support for Noblesville business owner and his soap.

Kimberly King Fox News WIXN Indianapolis, IN

In addition to those who are offended by a Noblesville store selling soap with racist labels, there is also growing support for the vendor who has been ordered to take the soaps off the shelves or face eviction.,0,7059716.story

“Kolored Kids LeRoy Soap Black Americana Soap Cake”

So what do you say family? Should this man continue to sell his goods? Is this soap racially offensive or just ill-advised nostalgia gone horribly wrong? Is this something to get outraged about or should we let the market speak for itself, or let it run its course without giving the story and the business more publicity? Mind you since this story broke a couple of days ago, the “Kolored Kids Soap Line” has been cleaning up!

Really, here we go again!

It really makes me sad that these products are now in high demand. as if stinky racists were laying in wait for this ish!! I don’t think it is being purchased as a sentimental historical piece but another way to shower us with the fact that we live in a dirty society!

All puns intended!

Now that we know this is in high demand is it a non issue or can Jesse and Al get back in the game?

Peace Family!!



Keep ya lamps trimmed and burnin' children! Something gon trouble the waters!!