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You know how I feel about abortion… like everything else, there is no compromise on this issue for me. It is GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am building a list of organization that is titled “Enemy of Black People” and I am adding the first name today. The Reproductive Justice Collective in Milwaukee earned that privilage after reading  an opinion piece on jsonline by one Sarah Noble of the same organization. The title of that piece is Be aware, not misled.

Noble pissed me off enough that I had to post a comment to that nonsense she penned. She said the following, This is a tired strategy that uses black people as “the face” and messengers and aims to drive a racial wedge into the pro-choice movement. Here is another gem from Noble, Anyone who cares about the rights of black babies in this state would focus less on a woman’s decision to have future children and more closely on prenatal health and infant mortality. In Wisconsin, a black baby is three times more likely to die before his or her first birthday than a white child.

This organization is doing The Destroyer’s work and is getting funded to do it. Here are my comments from jsonline.

Sarah – what are you talking about? We should be driving a wedge between the Pro-Choice movement and Black Life. Why would a race of people choose its own genocide? And why would that same race defend the right to commit genocide on itself? How debased must we become before we understand OUR STRUGGLE for survival? Again, what are you talking about Sarah? So you support the genocide of the Black Race?

I am not a conservative and I am fiercely against Black Abortion. I am pro-Black People surviving and producing in this world. You wasting space promoting our genocide is deeply disturbing but revealing into OUR self-hate. There is no way (logically) to compare a woman’s right to kill Black Babies in the womb to some sort of rant about people not being concerned about Black Children outside of the womb.

Let me provide some reality for you:

Facts from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) 2006 Abortion Surveillance (most recent abortion data):

– WI reported that there were 9,352 abortions – 2,275 (24.3%) Black Babies were murdered when our Black Girls/Women had abortions
– WI reported that 47 abortions occurred with adolescent girls younger than 15
– WI reported that 1,615 abortions occurred in adolescent girls age 15-19
– The USA reported 846,181 total abortions, Black Girls/Women accounted for 38.5% or 325,780 abortions (that is like a city the size of Milwaukee being wiped off the face of the map each year!)
– Women aged 20–29 years accounted for the majority of abortions (57%)
– Between 1997-2006, the USA has reported abortions that have exceeded 800,000 every year. The low mark was 820,151 (’05). The high mark was 910,300 (’07).

Let me remind YOU (again) that WE ARE killing (aborting) more than 300,000 of OUR CHILDREN annually in butcher houses (clinics, Planned Parenthood sites, etc.). What is it going to take BLACK NATION for YOU to wake up? How long are we going to allow this scourge to permeate in OUR COMMUNITY?

G from The Drum