WW Wednesday Presents: Straight Talk No Chaser ~ Bizarro’s Return!


Straight Talk No Chaser ~ Bizarro’s Return


First off, my girl WW is out fighting the good fight so ya’ll got me this week. And I got issues and I’ll be happy if I can get this off my chest, since ain’t nobody talkin’ about it.

Fellas, question for you:

Steve Harvey got another book out “Straight Talk No Chaser,” and I’m wondering, where’s the outrage from the brothas?

Have ya’ll seen the book description?

From Amazon.com:

“How to Get the Truth Out of Your Man
Tired of answers that are deceptive? Harvey lays out a three-tier, CIA-style of questioning that will leave your man no choice but to cut to the chase and deliver the truth.”

“And there’s much more, including Steve’s candid answers to questions you’ve always wanted to ask men.”


Steve's candid answers to questions you've always wanted to ask men

So if I am gettin’ this straight, Steve is tellin’ the world that brothers are liars and we have to use CIA-like tactics to keep them honest? Are ya’ll “deceptive,” we can never depend on you to be honest? Really?

And since when does Steve Harvey speak for an entire sex? Is he certified or qualified? Isn’t he a 3-time divorcee with his share of critics, Bernie Mac included? Last time this happened, when someone spoke up for a group, it took the world by storm and that storm is called OPRAH! Remember back in the day when it was okay to come home and your lady would be waitin’ on ya, happy to see ya, and all that nicey nice? Well “Lady O” came in and changed that. She taught us how to get in touch with our inner self and how to get your man to respect you. She taught us to “act like a lady and get your man to think like a woman!”

“Lady O”

Now not to say this book or Brother Steve’s last book are bad. The 1st one did help a lil bit. I just figure some men out there would have issues with one man speaking up for all of you, or that his “CIA teaching” might not be welcome in your relationship or home. And by the way, is it a relationship if Brother Steve is saying ya’ll deceptive and we have to learn how to “play the game?” Sounds more like some more ish and foolishness we don’t need! I don’t want to be thinkin’ my man is out there playing games and lying and I got to keep investing in Steve Harvey to learn how to master the game and use some kind of “mind meld” on my man to keep him “disciplined.” Is that what this book is saying?

Well I turn it over to the kings. Of course some of the queens are lining up to get the book and they place it next to the Bible. Between the two books, we gon get our man at the end of the day; prayer, tactical games, stalking, by any means necessary right? What happened to good communication and kings and queens working it out or going their own separate ways if it don’t? Too many games, and this book, well I didn’t read it all but from the description, I am confused. Do you like to play games and be on guard or are you really looking for a “benefit sharing” pal, queen and/or soul mate? Or is Brother Steve profiting off women and the relationship crisis we are all in?

Do tell!!

Much Love Nation,

Bizarro WW