There seems to be a feeling that President Obama is coming back from the shellacking his party took last month.  Some think he gave up too much in the tax deal.  Others feel Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should have been repealed years ago. Everyone knows that these are things he campaigned on and he  is delivering.

Is some of this political posturing? Yes.  Can he deliver on REAL Democratic issues? Some, but the concessions are going to be greater with the incoming Tea Republicans. Some want to hear the words “poor people” used by the President.  Maybe at the NAACP convention or during Black History Month.  There are still two years between now and the 2012 Presidential election.  If troops start coming home from Afghanistan and unemployment numbers start trending downward President Obama will coast in 2012.   

Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell was a very un-American law.  Anyone willing to risk their life for this country should not have to hide who they are.  It should have never been implemented.  Are we better off without it? You Betcha.