Wonder Woman wishes EVERYONE (Christian and not) a Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!!

I took the following communication from the Archbishop of Milwaukee Jerome Listecki, because it reminds us of the basic laws of humanity. Love one another, remember all life is sacred, and remember what this season is truly about, the POWER OF LOVE and the SACNTITY OF LIFE.

I wish  all of you true peace and I wish you a very blessed season of joy and light.


Love One Another!

Love One Another

December 21, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we approach the beauty of Christmas, I can hear a simple, yet startling echo in the minds of the shepherds and wise men, “It’s a baby.” There is something disarming about that statement. All hostility seems to dissipate in the innocent face of a child whose dependency is a reminder to us all of our own fragile nature and our reliance upon God.

I recently visited a couple and their newly-born, premature baby at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital. The mother cradled the child in her arms as Dad stood at her side. The baby, so tiny, was protected by the love of his parents.

Now, imagine the all-powerful God, who created ex nihilo (from nothing), who fashioned the universe, who formed our world, becomes a vulnerable child. Our God places himself in our hands. He has confidence that we will protect His Son and stand with Joseph and Mary so, that in our action, we might regain what was lost through sin. It is all in the power of love. If we can recognize our God in the simplicity of a child, then perhaps we can see and hear God as he calls to us through the needs of our brothers and sisters. His love is transformative. We are better because of our relationship with the Christ child.

However, there are those who wish to take Christ out of Christmas. It’s unfortunate because they deny themselves the wonder and awe of God’s presence in the gift of life, which is elevated through the dignity of the divine becoming one with us.

As we attend Mass this Christmas, let’s approach the crèche, look at the manger and say, “It’s a baby.” Realize that He loves us and needs us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
Archbishop of Milwaukee