Melee at Mayfair Story found here, in case you missed it:

Melee At Mayfair Mall Leads to Questioning of Black Youths 

I was sad to see some partially unaware young black man describe the latest incident at Mayfair with pride on a TV newscast last night. Bragging about how everyone stormed the mall then went to, of all places, BW3’s Chicken. Can it get any worse? So here we are, a new year, the same old ish. What must we do to get our young people to carry their crowns and stop acting like idiots? When some call them out and describe their acts as animalistic or barbaric they are attacked but if we don’t start associating shame with the act then are we condoning it?

It is not entirely the young people’s fault. This is part of a larger problem, a systemic degrading of our culture partly brought on by us. The larger problem is our people, our family life, our poor educational system, values and moral compasses gone array and the list goes on.I call on former Mayor Pratt to get his 100 Black men up and swarming the malls again. Let’s “catch” these kids and give them some knowledge while they are out and about. Maybe we need to invoke the Black Panthers and Milwaukee Commandoes who had rich tradition in this very city to regroup and recruit these kids and drop serious knowledge on them since they refuse to do it on their own.We can no longer afford to sit by and blame anyone, time for action is now!! RIGHT NOW!! Sure we can blame the white man and we would be right, but how does that help? Has it been helping? We now have a bi-racial president in the “White” House and we still don’t have our 40 acres and a mule. We do need reparations if not monetary than pay it forward some other way! Use education for starters.

I read the Journal Sentinel article and saw the comments already berating people for daring to say race had something to do with this, or to wait for Eugene Kane to put a spin on this. In my opinion family, we need to point the mirror painfully our way and start the process of sankofa, reclaiming our kids before it’s too late.So I am sorry if it offends people but I am not racist. We need to give our kids a good swift kick in the ass. No matter what is going on there is no excuse for acting a fool. Our people saw rougher times than this and yet we survived and conquered in the face of racism and nothingness. What is our excuse now? These kids have the most powerful tool known to man yet they choose not to use the Internet to educate themselves or rise above and they have only themselves to blame now. They know their education is below standard, they know there can only be a few Kobe’s and LeBron’s or Nikki’s,  or Lil Wayne’s in this world. Ignorance is bliss but it is also painful to watch. From the knuckle head on the bus who thought it is okay to swear up a storm in front of his elders, to the kids who race their cars up and down streets, and those who think it’s funny to miss school when the real joke is on them.If it is true the young people used the internet to put this little demonstration together via facebook or whatever, surely they can use the internet for some good? Or are they so corrupt they have nothing positive to offer? I refuse to believe that! I know excellent youth doing the damn thing every single day, yet their story is never ever told!!We can’t wait for our race to get it together anymore so we need to call on our young people to do it for us. Young people I apologize that we are not there for you to map out your way, to guide you or show you how to act, but since you do have the Internet, libraries, and countless other means and resources to find these things for yourselves, can you dedicate at least a part of your day to making your life that much better than the day before?Am I wrong in saying these kids need to be called out for their actions, or is it time to tell our kids the painful truth…

Grow the hell up and stop acting a damn fool! You know better!Just my simple observations and I may be wrong, but enough is enough already.And how long will it take for Mayfair to make us all look like Buckwheat? They are busy trying to find some black “leaders” who will “fix” this problem. You take our jobs, you take our education, this too is your fault and so you too shall live in the consequences. We can no longer board it up in the hood! Either you join in on the solution or relish in your handy work!

Peace Family!!