Time to wake you heads up once again and for the first time in 2011! Time to let everyone know again what The Drum is all about… telling Black People about The Matrix and those forces standing opposed to OUR FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. I told you a few weeks ago I was putting together a ‘list’ of those forces which are Enemies Of Black People.

Enemy #2 – Potawatomi Casino (PC)

I’m not afraid to say that unlike the Black Media in this city. You won’t read about this enemy in Black Papers and you won’t hear it talked about on Black Radio. PC has these so-called free enterprises bought off via the advertising it purchases and has good will with so-called Black Organizations because it sprinkles them with a little funding.

There is NO Black Institution bold enough to say a damn word about this Enemy Of Black People.

One of the three Black Men I trust on this planet told me to visit PC recently after he attended a John Legend concert there. He knows I don’t gamble (my money) and that I harbor a serious dislike for Blood Sucking institutions (i.e. State Lottery). He told me how incredible it was to see people of all colors and ages shoulder to shoulder kissing their money goodbye. My man said it was a sad thing to witness and I agreed to see it for myself.

When I visited PC on a Saturday evening nothing surprised me, but it did piss me off. I saw every description of Black Folk you might think of there from the physically/financially challenged, young wannabe hustlers, the elderly and even a few church folk.

Gambling is deep in our subculture. It starts in grade school with many of us as we shoot dice like the older cats we learned from. Then we pick up the card games from our older family members (moms, pops, cousins, aunts, etc.). We are with our grandparents or parents when they purchase those lottery tickets. Then when we turn 21 and it’s time to do some real gambling with our own money.

Statistics say that at least 86% of all Americans have gambled at least once in their life. Also, 1% of Americans have a serious gambling addiction which often leads to psychiatric problems, and mental health and substance abuse issues. We lose our homes, families, jobs and self respect. Many even borrow money from their family members, friends and even employers until it all comes crashing down on them.

It is legalized robbery of the less educated and those easily manipulated into seeking fame and fortune the easy way. Even those whom think they are intelligent cannot resist the temptation of her sexy promises and sweet lies.

How many have you seen destroyed by this enemy?