Remember when our young, Black Girls would jump double dutch for fun? Now look at ’em… boxing in the street like men. Somebody say something about this ish!!!!!!

Let me go somewhere nobody else will… first of all, a white guy is filming this just like one captures footage of some wild animals in some jungle somewhere. Notice the filmaker isn’t commenting much at all, he’s capturing raw footage like a pro. Second, notice how the table of white folks continue to eat even in the middle of all that drama. Years ago, white folks would have run out of a place when WE started acting like that (especially 3am). They are so used to our foolishness that they come to expect it and aren’t afraid anymore. They know WE will beat each other down and they have nothing to fear. Lastly, notice how the employees of the place just keep working and cleaning tables as if nothing is going down. This tells me they see this foolishness often from our people on a regular basis. WE are so lost family.

Who else is willing to show you the raw truth ABOUT US? Don’t turn your head and pretend it isn’t happening…. WE are letting MADNESS overrun US!!!!