How exactly do we balance nostalgia with embracing the brave new world? ….You often hear the term old skool, good old days…..  That  slight tug at the heart-strings caused by the memory of  lost  love.   We have all felt it. We all get called back occasionally from some distant  place in our memory…..Just for a moment you were there again.  The smells!!  The emotions!! ….The distance of time blurs the edges.   She leaned over and kissed you unexpectedly…. you thought your chest would burst!!!  Somehow you managed to get home and park your dad’s car exactly in the same spot, before he knew you were gone.  Some time later, you lost your mother…These are the dividing lines in your life….. Do you ever  take inventory of your memories?   They are so precious.  Even the painful ones.  They are the fibers of the past’s tapestry.  These are great reference  materials when you find yourself dealing with some of life’s many recurring themes.  If you are lucky you get to experience some of the more pleasurable themes many times over….Memories can also be salve for the broken heart that some of us nurse as we long for days gone by. It seems to me that as we are hurled forward into the future… we have some beautiful… and some not so beautiful… memories to remind us that life goes forward… never backward. These  days that  challenge us now will be the sweet waters our children bathe their  minds in as they deal with the days yet to unfold.