Citizen Action of Wisconsin sent out a press release announcing that Rev. Al Sharpton will be appearing at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church, 2315 N. 38th St., and Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, 1825 W. Hampton Ave. (at 5pm). Sharpton is coming to Milwaukee as part of the jobs emergency campaign by Milwaukee Inner-city Congregation Allied for Hope (MICAH).

Sharpton will be a guest of Milwaukee’s #1 Black Talker Earl Ingram (WMCS 1290 AM). Ingram has had his detractors (including myself) during his brief 2-year stint in the afternoon slot, but he has blazed an incredible path for a new form of Black Talk Radio that cannot be denied. He is one of Milwaukee’s sons and can communicate to the Black Community unlike any talker WMCS has employed in the past or present. 

I will be tuned in for Sharpton’s appearance because he and Ingram are sure to speak truth to power.

Respect to MICAH, Sharpton and Ingram for making this happen.

G –