The “Hate” That Hate Created…

A congresswoman is seriously wounded and 6 innocent people are gunned down and now the country looks to the pundits and leaders for questions, answers, and blame. However this IS the very hate that has been cultivating in our society for quite a long time. It has manifested and been given life via this young man’s white face, but he is just one in a long line of hate mongers.

Jared Lee Loughner

This society is ripe with mass hysteria and hate. How soon we forget Timothy McVeigh and pals in Oklahoma? If we are not careful, these young misguided white young “men” (animals) will not be the last of their kind. The new breed won’t look as obvious as this man and they will take out many more innocent people if we don’t start becoming a “softer, gentler” country or start seeing the warning signs. Those blaming gun legislation seem short-sided because gun laws are already on the books. Enforcement of these laws and restrictions of who we sell guns to are still not adequate.

At this rate with all the pundits, political infighting, backstabbing, and disagreements that get way out of hand and way too personal, our country will start to resemble the war-torn countries we claim to be saving. How different are we than Israel and its enemies? Are we just a step away?  Look at all the hot button issues on deck for discussion: immigration, racism, education, the economy and politics. The political landscape for 2012 only looks to become uglier and more filled with over-the-top drama. With the dawn of new technology and social networking, not only does one have the power to reach the masses, they have the power to incite them as well. Do we start to look at our amendments and revise them to curtail the loudest or least liked? Or do we start to recognize we need some compassion towards each other. I admit the second suggestion seems wishy washy and flighty, but I certainly don’t want government in my mouth either. So what is your suggestion? Sing kumbaya and hold hands or keep at this pace and see what shakes? Where does society draw the line in a no holds barred, 24/7, techno-savvy world? We are all connected in one way or another.

Example I

For over a decade GWB and associates took it (liberal rhetoric) all the time.  Fact or fiction, they were to blame for EVERYTHING. Bill Maher and members of congress including Barney Frank talked openly about assassinating Vice President Dick Cheney. Yet when wackos started to take them up on their offer, no one apologized or said they went too far.  People just shook it off and thought nothing more of it.

Bush and family were targeted for every little misstep whether deservedly so or unjustly. This man, who is just a man, was persecuted for every world event and the end result is what we are seeing now, death, and execution style by an incited zealot.

Example II

I look at the past elections and I see elected officials and “leaders” who in one sentence talk about attending church and their exemplary love for God. Then with their next breath they openly write hateful, vicious things about those whom they oppose. And they want Americans to be compassionate? Really? Charity starts at home.

In Conclusion:

Some can rest at night blaming Sarah Palin, other political pundits, and media sensations for how we got arrived here, but if we are honest; our political landscape has been shifting this way for decades. If you want proof, look at what we let become acceptable as political “attack” ads. They are downright nasty and full of venom and lies. I leave you with the message that Bob Schieffer from Face the Nation on CBS shared this past Sunday because it was excellent and timely. Yes we have the right to disagree, but where is that line between disagreement and all out war? The line is blurring family and we must learn to play nice in the sand once again, disagreements and all. At the end of the day, respect and the need to express ourselves without hate-filled, close-minded rhetoric but fact-filled statements that serve to educate and keep open-minded must be a priority once again.

Peace Family,



Rhetoric and Its Consequences


“Rhetoric and Its Consequences”

Bob Schieffer


We live as we were reminded yesterday in a dangerous, hair-trigger time, where tempers always seem near the boiling point and patience seems a lost trait.
Democracy’s arguments have never been pretty, but technology has changed the American dialogue.
Because we can now know of problems instantly, we expect answers immediately. And when we don’t get them, we let everyone know in no uncertain terms.
We scream and shout – hurl charges without proof. Those on the other side of the argument become not opponents but enemies.
Dangerous, inflammatory words are used with no thought of consequence. All’s fair if it makes the point. Worse, some make great profit just fanning the flames.

Which wouldn’t amount to much if the words reached only the sane and the rational, but the new technology insures a larger audience. Those with sick and twisted minds hear us, too, and are sometimes inflamed by what the rest of us often discard as hollow and silly rhetoric.

And so violence becomes part of the argument.

In an eloquent statement, the new Republican House Speaker John Boehner said yesterday’s “attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. ”

But it is much more – it is an attack on each of us and our way of life.

If elected officials cannot meet with those who have elected them without fear of being shot, if the rest of us allow such a situation to exist, then we are no longer the America that those who came before us fought and died to protect and defend.

We must change the atmosphere in which this happened, and we can begin by remembering that words have consequences.

Like all powerful things, they must be used carefully.

More and more, we seem to have forgotten that.