Read Wagner’s words he posted on his site about the love, support and political capital 2,000 Milwaukee tax payers are giving to Ieshuh Griffin. Does it appear that Wagner is doing more than playa hatin’? You decide.

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The Biggest Question About The Candidates For Milwaukee County Executive?

By Jeff Wagner

Story Created: Jan 12, 2011
Story Updated: Jan 12, 2011 

And then there were five.

 The five candidates to fill the remaining year on Scott Walker’s term as Milwaukee County Executive are: (1) Jeff Stone, a conservative State Representative from Greendale; (2) Chris Abele, a liberal, multi-millionaire philanthropist; (3) Lee Holloway, the long-time Milwaukee County Supervisor who is serving as Acting Milwaukee County Executive  (for the next few weeks at least); (4) Jim Sullivan, a recently defeated State Senator from Wauwatosa; and (5) Ieshuh Griffin, a self-proclaimed socialist.

There’s a lot of things to say about these candidates – and there will be many opportunities to do so over the next several weeks.  I am, however, fascinated that Ieshuh Griffin was able to get on the ballot by collecting the signatures of 2000 Milwaukee County residents. 


Griffin gained her 15 minutes of fame last Fall as the independent Assembly candidate who unsuccessfully attempted to describe herself on the ballot as “NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch’.”  She ultimate received about 7% of the vote (around 1000 votes) .

When you sign a candidate’s nominating papers, there’s no requirement that you have to vote for that person.  Still, it stands to reason that you’re not going to sign papers for someone you don’t support.  Viewed in that light, 2000 of my fellow Milwaukee County residents appear to think that Ms. “NOT the Whiteman’s bitch” is the best choice for Milwaukee County Executive.  2000! 2000!

The biggest question about the slate of candidates for Milwaukee Executive?   

Who are the 2000 people who signed Ieshuh Griffin’s papers – and what were they thinking?