It’s been a long, long time since I’ve mentioned my brother James T. Harris on TMD and for good reason… he’s busting his you-know-what to get what little shine those 620 WTMJ Overseers will allow him. One of my constant criticisms of JTH is that he’s mastered the act of President Obama bashing and made some payolla serving it up to a large (and growing) white audience. Hell, it’s America and I respect a man putting food on the table by any means neccessary short of pumping some hot ones in somebody.

However, I cannot respect the means by which he goes about his business. I’ve waited and waited for the jester to someday turn into the master of ceremony of Black Conservative Talk… but the clock turned to midnight and with it my Maybach turned back to my bus pass .

I peep his Facebook page every other week or so and you know what? It’s the same tired anti-Obama this, Obama hates America, the Obamas are socialists, Chocolate Jesus that, blah blah blah. His commentary (written/oral) is the stuff made of a high school debate team gone bad. What’s truly disappointing is that (I believe) he is a smart man and could be taken serious in the pundit game if he applied skill and savvy not sketch comedy.

If he REALLY HAD THE GOODS, JTH would be to Black Conservative Talk what John Coltrane was with a saxaphone… pure genius and a pide pieper leading people away from the sure death of ignorance and base political diatribe. Yet he settles for juvenile and elementary conversation in the shallow end of the pool. What will be his relevance when President Obama is no longer in the Oval Office?  Will Fox News call the “Chocolate Henny Penny” then?

So this video posted by JTH on YouTube (Jan. 17, 2011) is the latest example to highlight my point. JTH uses old audio clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright – remember him from 2008 – and the Most Excellent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to once again take an unprovoked attacked on President Obama. The following are comments from one of JTH’s many disciples posted on YT below his video napalm.

God bless Martin Luther King, God rest his soul, and God honors his legacy. Oh, lest I forget…God damn the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s hate-filled rhetoric, his bigoted behavior, and his narrow-minded teachings, all the way to the pits of hell. Wright is a false prophet in every sense of the word, and his student, the young Black Messiah, is fooling no one. jimwitt0107 1 day ago

Sadly, some of US will never learn.

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