Earl Ingram has ascended to the unquestioned spot of being Milwaukee’s #1 Black Talker and host of the #1 rated Black Talk Show in the state. Ingram has proven to be a fierce advocate for Black People and is never afraid to stand up for the downtrodden. He has even garnered the respect of the most powerful politician in the state – Gov. Scott Walker – even though he opposes just about everything Walker represents.  

Sources close to Earl Ingram have told The Drum that talks are occuring between Gov. Scott Walker’s staff and Ingram for the governor to make his second appearance on 1290 WMCS. Yes, Gov. Walker is going to appear on Earl Ingram’s Radio Show for the second time since October 2010.

The Drum has been informed that Ingram and Gov. Walker had an impromtu encounter at a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration event. The two exchanged mutual words of respect and an invitation was extended for the governor to make a return appearance. To Walker’s credit, he accepted the invitation knowing his first interview with Ingram was his toughest to date.

Click here to listen to Earl Ingram’s interview with then County Executive Scott Walker October 26, 2010 (1 week prior to the Nov. 2nd election).

TMD Note: It was also mentioned that Ingram had requested interviews with former Gov. Jim Doyle during his two years on air and Doyle never agreed to appear.