By Jay Sorgi

Story Created: Jan 20, 2010
Story Updated: Jan 20, 2010

MILWAUKEE – Officials with Milwaukee Public Schools have put Washington High School on lockdown, but say that everyone is safe after an incident where a student brought a gun to school.

According to Spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin, a Milwaukee Police officer said that the young man who brought the weapon had no intent to use it.

“It was there to show, in his words, so that the young man could ‘act a man.’ Well, I don’t think that’s ‘acting a man,’ ” said St. Aubin. 

She explained that a mother notified the school about the student potentially bringing a gun.

“There was a mother of a student who came to the school and said that the gun that’s usually in the family home was missing. She felt that her child may have it. That caused us to immediately go on lockdown, do a search and find that student.”

A police spokesperson says the boy gave another student the gun, which was found in the other student’s locker.  Both students have been taken into custody.

“Our thanks go out to her for being so responsible for providing information that in the end has now helped to keep our students and staff safe,” said St. Aubin.  She explained that the lockdown continued after the arrest so that officials could search other students’ lockers.