What is invisible, ignored and one of the biggest events of the year?

Yes, today is the Annual Pro-Life March on Washington though you would never know because the MSM  down plays its numbers and avoids coverage every year. This year I was not able to attend but kudos to all you pro-life culture warriors who not only witness locally at abortion clinics but make time to participate at your own expense defending the innocent!

Alveda King:

About Little tortillas

Former socialist/liberal/progressive, second generation American of Mexican descent, revert to Roman Catholicism and small business owner with an unshakeable belief in our free enterprise system and our Constitutional form of government. Aka TFG
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One Response to What is invisible, ignored and one of the biggest events of the year?

  1. Wonder Woman says:

    Excellent point. I would like to point out the Catholics promote this heavily. One thing we got right!!

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