Dr. Walter Farrell brought a nuclear bomb to the airwaves this morning and his target was local/state pols and especially the Black ones. Time and again he was sure to tell the listeners that their pols were bought off by republican interests. Take a listen.

Doc just doesn’t give a damn what you Black Pols think and he knows you cannot touch him (in North Click bka North Carolina). So guess what? He comes on local radio each week and blows you all out of the water for 60 or 90 minutes unchallenged. He was at it again today when blasting State Senator Lena Taylor, State Rep. Jason Fields and his fave whipping boy Ald. Willie Hines. The topic was the voter registration identification policy being pushed by the republicans.

Doc went in hard slamming these 3 pols (and most others) as not being able to oppose any legislation (which would be favorable to their supporters) because they are in bed with the republicans. He saved his sharpest criticism for Hines by stating that State Sen.  Alberta Darling made him “jump on” Dr. Michael Bonds over renting the public school buildings. Very, very tough stuff Doc was handing out this morning to the local Black Pols… none of them called in to defend themselves so maybe what he said rings true. Or maybe they weren’t allowed on air to challenge the Doc. We may never know.

Also, Doc said that Taylor and the others know the deal is done regarding the requirement for voter id. He continues to say they are not being honest with the people even when they come on the host’s radio program. Like I said, very tough stuff this morning… listen for yourself.

In this last clip he talks about how the elected officials are in bed with opponents passing harmful policies targeting Black People. He gives an example that more money will be given to corrections to build prisons to house more Black People. Doc slams our pols by saying they have “grease around their mouth” from those supporting the prison industrial complex.

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