Fairies, Unicorns, Leprechauns and Oh Yes the State of The Union!

Why does the State of the Union sound more and more like Fairytale Time!

All I needed was my bedtime slippers, some milk and cookies and I would be set for this whopper of a speech. Filled with hope, my heart and mind were ready to be enlightened and opened….


I have been trying to embrace Obama’s “tone it down” theory, so I will be as nice as I can about the State of the Union. The salmon joke was very funny. I laughed and now crave some salmon.

There I said something nice!


Firstly, how can you be talking about all this new spending when the state of this union is seriously messed up and WAY out of control? And I don’t want to hear how he inherited a mess, because he knew that coming into it, eyes wide open, so I believed he could fix said mess!!!!! He can’t seem to understand you can’t build this wonder dreamland of tomorrow on the backs of the downtrodden and their downtrodden grandkids! I noticed one glaring statement about how President Obama will not sign any bills with pork yet his healthcare reform bill is filled with it. He made this same (lie) promise when he ran for office so I am supposed to believe him again? Fool me once…you know the rest…

Secondly, building our infrastructure, “Race to the Top,” and other failed government big spending programs, investing in biofuels driving up food and gas prices and hurting 3rd world countries we promised to help. We don’t need high speed rail if we cannot afford it, building or riding. We already had “No Child Left Behind” which is the same damn thing as “Race to the Top” still our Head Start program is failing our babies miserably! We don’t want corn in our gas because it messes up the catalytic converter and other engine parts. We simply do not need all this new government spending. We can get creative when we get jobs and create climates for growth. Paul Ryan said it best when he said, “It is no coincidence that trust in government is at an all-time low now that the size of government is at an all time high.”

I am sorry but you can repackage stimulus spending all you want by calling it “investments” and it still is stimulus money. You can only rob a person, I am sorry, tax a person, so much before they fight back. This is that time!

While it was nice to see all the fat cats sitting together, the rhetoric was the same, the hate will be the same, maybe not as overt. The president only re-phrased his campaign promises and we are still waiting. I still see us at war, I still see Guantanamo Bay open for business and I still see people struggling to make ends meet or fighting to breath. I don’t believe this man anymore and I think this State of the Union was nothing more than a page out of the Bill Clinton playbook. “I feel your pain now let’s try this again.”

However it worked for Clinton, as for this president, he does not have the luxury of a democratic lead congress and he does not have a strong economy to back him up.

I do think he is right; we need to follow other countries and reinvent how we do business. Instead of fancy trips all around the globe, HE and government can use the internet and have business meetings saving millions in travel and security. They should immediately cut out the services and offices doing duplicate work. How is this funny? Why was he laughing? That peaks to how inefficient you have been salmon and all.

I think we should have a wage freeze on federal employee’s wages and impose taxes on all congress members until they learn to live as we do with the incomes we have, that they have created. This state of the union, I could have missed as I finished watching it and promptly went back to worrying about how I am going to afford healthcare because my employer will be opting out of Obamacare. I resumed worrying about how to make ends meet, and if these people would ever come to understand the real needs of everyday Americans. Obama gave his speech with so much hope for the future, I thought about my kids and wondered how these people can live with themselves and talk about the audacity of hope with no clue or concern for us real folks and how we are living in the present.

Peace Family,


ps…I hope they do pat downs on the choo choo trains because terrorist attack those too!

pps…No talk about gun control and new legislation? An obvious point he should have made.

ppps…Paul Ryan is the new face of the GOP!