You know how we are always saying “Our black kids need role models, they need positivity in their lives…etc”

I would like to introduce you to Lip Gloss Magazine, for young, ethnic women ages 13-19:

“Lip Gloss is a magazine about fashion, style, celebrity, life, love, school, community service and culture for teen girls. It’s time that you stop trying to be like the girls in the magazine, and the magazine starts showing the real beauty in being you.<3 When you want to see a real representation of your lives, turn to Lip Gloss. When you want to see respect for your loves, desires and aspirations, turn to Lip Gloss. When you want hot news, sharp style and inspiring ideas, turn to Lip Gloss. You’re free to be fabulous and Lip Gloss is the perfect finishing touch! MMMMmmmmmm, Lip Gloss.”

Our Mission: Lip Gloss celebrates the limitless potential of a girl, daring her to embrace her individuality and to try something new.

This is a great publication that Dolores “Miss D” Brown, a phoenomonal, powerful black woman has worked hard to build.  Miss D has professional experience in the arts, fashion, education, events, administration and sales, and a special love for youth culture. She just moved to Milwaukee in July and is looking to take Lip Gloss to a whole new level…

….and yours truly has just been hired as a writer. :-)

Right now, Miss D is looking for sponsors, advertisers, investors, and support from the community to truly believe in her vision for the magazine. People are constantly saying there is nothing positive for our young women…well THIS IS IT and now is your time to support

I invite you to check out the website and browse through the previous issues.

We need your support to get the magazine in more hands of our youth. Imagine the impact we can have on our young women by presenting them with positive images of themselves and letting them know they are truly Queens….are you going to help get this magazine on the shelves, or will you continue to let Vibe Magazine and King Magazine with a half naked Nicki Minaj, Trina, and Ciara teach our girls how to be women?

The choice is yours…

Contact Dolores “Miss D” Brown at

SN: Miss D will be holding a model search soon, I will post details when they become available!