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Pan-Africanist Radical to Educational Reformist at Marquette University-Hypocrisy??

Here is Brother Owusu Sadauki now Tah!!Dah!! Dr. Howard Fuller, one of the Original Education Crooks!! ask the students and parents at the Malcolm X Liberation University-education scam$$$ Shame: polluting Brother Malcolm X’s Name!!!

Do you know the unfortunate history of Malcolm X Liberation University and how the young black students, who were duped into attending, were left holding the bag without an education when the scam university collapse? It’s not a pretty history. Is this perhaps one of the negative experiences in that series of negative experiences (and the inability to understand them) of which you refer? Do you realize who funded the University? My own question is how could Fuller become an advocate for American apartheid and racism against his own people in trade for his million dollar stake in Edison for-profit scam? Tragic indeed.

Brotha Leon,

I knew Howard Fuller back in the 70’s as Owusu Sadauki- revolutionary PanAfricanist within the African Liberation Support Committee (ALSC) leadership AND Founding Head of the Malcolm X Liberation University in Durham, NC. He was highly respected here and in the Caribbean and Africa as a leading Black revolutionary activist and educator.

He was an advocate of educating our Black youth about the necessity of continuing Brother Malcolm X’s revolutionary legacy of overthrowing capitalism and white supremacy. The Malcolm X Liberation University and the ALSC did not shy away from serious intellectual inquiry/debate and righteous organizing against apartheid, colonialism and imperialism in Africa as well as trying to understand and destroy the domestic versions of these in the US.

There’s a lot to talk about that vibrant militant moment in our history of Freedom Struggle, but suffice to say right now that a series of negative experiences (and the inability to understand them) led Brotha Fuller down that road to conservatism/reactionaryness that George Schuyler and many other once-radical Blacks took.

It’s sad to see the Black living dead…. But worse that the powers that be pump them up as living examples of Black capitalist success for the masses of Blackfolk to follow. You are there on the ground with him. Get Howard to acknowledge and renounce his radical past so folk can see the tragic being that he really is: a willing pupet of capitalism and white supremacy.

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In Struggle,

Sam Anderson