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February 15th Elections  Who Are You Voting For?

In an election that typically many do not come out to vote for, this year YOU need to!

Let me preface this by saying WW’s opinions are her own and not that of the Drum site or staff.

Feel free to suggest your own candidate (s) and why you support them, and if I missed an important race, please let me know. Also feel free to add voter assistance links and ride information too!

We need to get and VOTE next Tuesday, February 15th!

Peace Family,


2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary

This person will help decide what state laws will be upheld or dismissed. This person is key to getting rid of bad legislation and Doyle policies that messed up this sate for 8 years.  

These are the people running for a 10 year term

JoAnne Kloppenburg      


Joel Winnig                        


**Justice David T. Prosser Jr.**


Marla Stephens


WW suggests Prosser for this position because he supports School Choice, Pro-Life and programs that are working in our state.

He is the incumbent and although he is a bit older, he is pretty wise! 

Stephens is my least favorite because she is not reasonable on many hot topics issues and promotes hate speech against women.


Here is a website that has the philosophies and websites for all candidates so you can judge (pun intended) for yourselves. 

Wisconsin Family Council 


 Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals, District 3 (6-year term): Gregory Peterson (inc.)

Court of Appeals, District 4, (6-year term): Paul Higginbotham (inc.)

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 18

Pedro A. Colon


Roy Korte


**Christopher Lipscomb Jr.**


WW suggests going with Lipscomb, the lesser of 3 evils. Colon is a Doyle project we cannot afford with limited legal experiecne. 

Other Circuit Court Elections (6-year terms):

  • Branch 1: Maxine White (inc).
  • Branch 9: Paul Van Grunsven (inc.)
  • Branch 10: Timothy Dugan (inc.)
  • Branch 13: Mary Triggiano (inc.)
  • Branch 19: Dennis Cimpl (inc.)
  • Branch 33: Carl Ashley (inc.)
  • Branch 35: Frederick Rosa (inc.)
  • Branch 36: Jeffrey Kremers (inc.)
  • Branch 47: John Siefert (inc.)

Municipal judge (4-year terms)

  • Branch 2: Derek Mosley (inc.)
  • Branch 3: Phillip Chavez (inc.)

Milwaukee County Executive

  • Milwaukee philanthropist Chris Abele
  • Activist Ieshuh Griffin,
  • Acting County Executive Lee Holloway
  • State Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale)
  • Former state Sen. Jim Sullivan (D-Wauwatosa)

The top two vote-getters in the primary will advance to the April 5 runoff, which coincides with spring elections.

WW suggestions: I am suggesting Stone and Griffin.

I like Griffin for her refreshing honesty among other things already listed ad nauseam on this site.  She is very credible and knowledgeable about our county issues. Her programs and ideas are new and innovative, a great infusion of new logic for old problems. I would like to see her address county problems past the 8 years of Walker. Ament was the real downfall of Milwaukee County not Walker.

 I like Stone’s leadership by action method but he is quiet and a politician. He personally answers your calls and takes immediate action which he has done for years. He is a solid number guy and gets the job done with a responsible leadership approach. He gets everyone involved, find solutions, implements ideas. He is not a Walker want-to-be as some are trying to claim and he is decent folk. 

A definite “no” would be to Able who can’t seem to keep his stories straight and as Giant referred to, looks like he could use a good cleaning! His last appearance seemed to be a debate with himself as to where he stood on issues. We can’t afford wishy washy people in this position.

However I am keeping my mind open until I see more forums from the candidates. I also want to hear them speak and read their literature. I would also love to hear about downsizing this branch of government and union reform.

County Supervisor District 10

Charisha Allen

Ieshuh Griffin

Caviler “Chevy” Johnson

Eyon Biddle, Sr.

T. Spencer

I am wide open here. Johnson and Griffin I am most familiar with but I am researching and up in the air. Any suggestions?

Milwaukee School Board (4-year terms)

  • At-large: Terry Falk, Susan Schmidt
  • District 1: Tim Petersons (inc.), Mark Sain
  • District 2: Jeff Spence (inc.), Gerald Glazer
  • District 3: Michael Bonds (inc.)
  • District 8: Ed Heinzelman, Meagan Holman, Candy Jo Lesniewski

The school board is a joke and needs to be cleansed. Again I’ll take suggestions here!

For more about local and statewide elections and candidates please visit the Journal Sentinel.


Important Voter Information:


All Milwaukee Public Libraries have voter registration applications and registrars to assist you with completing the voter registration process during regular hours of operation.

Confirm Your Voter Registration Status With VPA


*February 10, 2011:  This is the last day (5:00 pm) for electors to request absentee ballots by mail for the Spring Primary Election.

February 15, 2011: Spring Primary Election

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Spring Election

*March 16, 2011:  This is the last day (5:00 pm) for electors to register to vote by mail for the Spring Election.

*March 31, 2011:   This is the last day (5:00 pm) for electors to request absentee ballots by mail for the Spring Election.