Last January 5, 2010, I shared a few questions I would have asked our beloved Min. Malcolm X. Here are a few more I would want him to respond to.

Love you Malcolm.

G –

Question # 1 – Brother Malcolm, OUR PEOPLE have often talked about a revolution. Can you explain what a revolution is or isn’t for Black People? 

Question # 2 – Brother Malcolm, are our Black Leaders being sponsored by White, liberal interests? What is the cause and effect of failed Black Leadership? And can you explain what really happened with the historic March on Washington? I’ve heard the movement was infiltrated and taken over by liberal interests.

Question # 3 – Brother Malcolm, what is the solution for OUR UPLIFT while we are in America?   
Question # 4 – Brother Malcolm, what do you have to say to these Black People who cry out for the government to save Black People?