Forgive me Father for I am about to curse another Black Man out in this post. You I don’t want to have to say this about another Black Man… but he has left me no other choice.

This is the kind of ish that makes my a** itch. I find this posted on a conservative, Black Man’s Facebook page by a White Woman in which she comments “You will love this!” I am a fair dude I keep telling you, but what I heard at :42 of this clip (I couldn’t watch any more after hearing this) pissed me the hell off. This Black Male conservative is exactly the reason why Blacks who are moderate or lean left of center cannot stand their conservative Black Brothers & Sisters.

This so and so says Black People are “too lazy” to pick up books or to do internet searches to learn the truth about who is really keeping the Black Man down. Is this house so-and-so is really making a video for YouTube to celebrate the greatness of republicans in Black History Month? This house so-and-so is out of his m_______g mind!

Defend his comments my conservative Black Brothers & Sisters!

I need some water because I’m foaming at the mouth.

G –