What are your plans this weekend? I bet 99% of you are going to be in Super Bowl overload as soon as the clock hits 5 pm today. Not your boy… I’m already on my thing and watching what that 1% is up too as usual. Do you know where we will be at? At the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin. That’s right heads… I’m hanging out with the rest of them gun crazy, arms dealers this weekend… doing some research on these people and some recon.

Hell, I think I’m going to load up on some (more) weapons just to be ready when things get too hectic out here for a Brother. I’m not going to be left holding my hands up when they come for me. Nah… see I’ll have my black or chrome steel ready to go out in a blaze if needed. So I’ll be sure to get some intel on what these gun runners are up to. Are they really sportsmen or are they part of the enemy flooding the hood with weapons of mass destruction?

Check this out… some of my recon found this info on one of the gun runner’s website giving instructions to those interested in purchasing weapons. It’s like taking candy from a baby to get a gun isn’t it? Hell, I need to show more paperwork at Walgreen’s to get OTC meds.

Bring a driver’s license and cash if you plan on buying from a private sellor. Private Sellors are required to ask to see your Wisconsin DL ( they can only sell to Wisc. Residents) . . .

They also will ask you;
1. are you a Felon
2. are there any restraining orders on you
3. are there any reasons you are not allowed to own a firearm

If you can answer the above Truthfully No, Then they can sell you a firearm and you take it home today.

Dealers are required to have a FFL (Federal Firearms License), To buy from a Dealer you;
1. Fill out a standard buyers form
2. They call your info into the State for a quick background check
3. Assuming you come back OK, you are allowed to
a. take Rifles home today and
b. you can pick-up pistols after a 48 hour hold. (That typically requires either driving to their Commercial Gun Shop or picking up at another show at a later date)…..

Most dealers take Credit Cards as well as Checks and Cash. It is against Federal Law to bounce a check on an FFL. They WILL send a U.S.Marshall to get you.

Some of the dealers are also Federal Employees (as in Justice Dept.) and if you are not eligible to purchase a firearm, but you try to anyway, they WILL have you arrested, typically as you leave the show with your new firearm. . . . and Yes, there are Federal Agents in the crowd, plain clothes (BATFE). They are there watching for Felons and Dough Heads, so if you are neither you have nothing to worry about. If you are either, do us all a favor and skip this one.

Good stuff isn’t it? See I’m not failing to recognize the arms race going on here. The rural Americans are stocking themselves for a reason that will be revealed in the not-to-distant future. Too bad many of you are not paying attention… but for my people that are riding with me, don’t sign any weapons treaty and give up your guns if nobody else is.

And remember this… never approach me from the rear. I don’t like that.

G –

Shout out to the 1%!!!!